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Quartier de l’Innovation : Increasing Montreal’s IQ

Some big players are involved in the redevelopment of Griffintown
Griffintown, Quartier de l'innovation. À Montréal.

Montreal’s braintrust recently united to announce the creation of an ‘innovation quarter’. This is great news for the South-West borough as well as the city of Montreal, but particularly for the neighborhood of Griffintown.

ETS (l’École de Technologies Supérieures) and McGill University will combine their innovation and abilities in order to complete this new Quartier de l’Innovation (QI), which will become a veritable urban laboratory.

These two prestigious institutions plan on using the enthusiasm and drive of neighborhoods such as Pointe Saint-Charles, Griffintown and Little Burgundy/Saint-Henri for projects combining science and technology. Good news for Montreal, who will reap the benefits, along with the researchers and designers as well as the residents of these neighborhoods.

One could say that a project like QI, coming from the minds of particularly visionary people, is already a key element in ensuring the long-term attractiveness and viability of Montreal, as well as the revitalization of these neighborhoods, which is already under way.

QI will build on the core values essential to the continued progress of a city like Montreal. Its contribution to the development of the South-West borough, including sustainable projects, the development of the Lachine Canal and the general improvement of infrastructure and public transport, will be major.

Furthermore, IQ is committed to promoting social and cultural diversity, as well as highlighting the rich historical and architectural heritage, two fundamental elements in the revitalization and redefinition of these neighborhoods.

The promotional video for QI quotes the famous scientist Isaac Newton, citing “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges”. Paradigm shift, QI’s objective is to multiply, through collaboration and dialogue, the number of companies, institutions, researchers and citizens.

The Quartier de l’Innovation will make its debut with flagship projects to be completed within a few years. For example, the Dow Planetarium, bequeathed to the City of Montreal in 2013, will be converted into a hub of creativity and the parking structure into a green space. As another example, the IQ will introduce a second innovation hub, named INDIGO 2. It will be located beside INDIGO 1, on the premises of the former Dow Brewery. This concept relies on collaboration and sharing between companies at the forefront of technologies, using the resources of ETS to transform Montreal into a Mecca of technological innovation. The list of upcoming projects for QI is long and promising. More importantly, it will be here very soon on a street near you!

Whether you already live in one of Prével’s projects in the South-West borough or will be a future resident of Bassins du Havre or Lowney sur Ville, then more than likely you’ve already heard about this wonderful news. Are you ready to increase Montreal’s IQ?

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