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Prével celebrates its 35th anniversary!


It’s not every day in the construction industry that a builder celebrates 35 years in business. With great pride we can look back at the progress made since 1978: our team has grown, our mission has become more focused and our expertise has been perfected. Today, we celebrate the countless hours Prével has dedicated to pondering and questioning in order to achieve the best from ourselves. Some of our major past achievements include the Quai de la Commune, the first project in western Old Montreal to revitalize the district. Lowney, the pioneer of Griffintown, began as a modest transformation of two buildings. Since then, the project has grown into a neighborhood in itself, with over 1600 units and a loyal clientele. Loft Impérial, the large scale conversion of an old tobacco factory into 750 lofts and new condos, has rejuvenated a once dying neighborhood. This project has injected life into the area, and thanks to our intervention Saint-Henri has once again become a thriving, animated community for thousands of residents. The enormous success of Le Seville project has set new records for Prevel in terms of speed of sales These 477 condominiums have completely transformed the face of Sainte-Catherine street, offering new housing and enabling the revitalisation of the area surrounding the old Forum. We are very proud of these achievements. Nevertheless, it is our clients’ personal stories that we appreciate the most; happy stories in which Prével played a small role is our raison d’être. All those people who chose to put their confidence in Prével, who allowed us to help create their own special home. I speak of course of the many first-time buyers, for whom Prével represented not only their newfound autonomy but a sense of accomplishment. To all the “empty-nesters”, for whom a new home signifies peace of mind and a recovered sense of freedom. All those happy new couples finally living together. All those new parents who required a new nest for their family. The singles who meet new people. The new friendships that are formed. Family dinners. Soirées with a good bottle of wine. Afternoons on the terrace, winter mornings around the fireplace in the urban chalet. Rest and relaxation in the spa. These small moments, just like the big ones, is what makes the human dimension a permanent part of our mission. It is these moments we are considering when sitting around the drawing board. This is what Prével is celebrating today. Thanks to all those who have made us a part of their lives. Hoping to celebrate our 50th anniversary together! Laurence

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