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A Pleasant Pilates Studio in the South-West Borough

The Solstice studio, to keep in shape this winter
Un studio Pilates pour garder la forme dans Saint-Henri, près des Condos Urbains Lowney Bassins du Havre

The south-west borough is filled with great finds and rough diamonds, often hidden where we least expect it. Here is an example that might interest you if you’re in search of a place to do pilates that’s close to our downtown condo projects.

I recently discovered the Solstice studio, nestled in an old industrial building with lots of charm at 4710 Saint-Ambroise street. This studio, like its owner Isabelle Morrissette, is in a class of its own.

Madame Morrissette’s road map through life is truly impressive. She was raised in an atmosphere of dance, an art she has been teaching since the age of 14. She also worked as a pilates instructor for the rehabilitation and injury prevention team at Cirque du Soleil. But what really distinguishes this studio and makes customers return again and again is Isabelle’s undeniable skills. Her understanding of the human body, her dynamism and most of all her sense of humor are what make this such a wonderful experience. I also enjoy her focus on living well, a value that Prével has kept and promoted for over 35 years.

This isn’t the first small yoga or pilates studio I have been to; I have a weakness for places that offer services which emphasize human relations and proximity. I highly recommend this place for those looking to fulfill their 2014 resolutions in peace and serenity. I invite you to go and visit the Solstice website and Facebook page to see the class schedules and/or to register for one. Sessions are given in French and English, subject to demand. To keep a relaxed and personalized atmosphere, groups are kept to a maximum of 13 people, thus allowing everyone to progress at their own pace and feel comfortable.

Happy New Year! Hoping to see you in 2014!


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