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The Pepin Shop: A One-Stop-Shop for You and Your Home

Support local producers and find it all at the Pepin Shop.

The history of the Pepin Shop, who, thanks to their well established reputation, is now a landmark on St. Paul Street in Old Montreal, is the story of a family who wanted to share their passion for art and fashion with Montrealers.

When they opened the store 18 years ago, the Pepin family, Lysanne and Philip, had the idea of creating a ‘one stop shop’ where you could buy as many trendy clothes and personal accessories as home design accessories and works of art. All while focusing on Canadian products and showcasing our country’s expertise.

Patrick & Jeanne Pépin. Photo Credit: The Pepin Shop

“Initially, the space was used as a workshop and art gallery for Lysanne. Then, gradually, creative friends began making their own creations. Thus ‘The Pépin Space’ was born; for Lysanne, it was the opportunity to showcase and bring different ‘creators’ together under one roof, explains Jeanne Albinet, who works in the shop and is also responsible for communications.”

The Pepin Shop is the story of a family wanting to share their passion for art and fashion with Montrealers.
You’ll find as many fashion accessories as decorations at the Pepin Shop

The Pépin family is actually a brother and sister, Patrick and Lysanne Pépin. Lysanne is a painter who has traveled extensively and uses inspiration from her travels in her work. Patrick is a photographer and graphic designer, known for his company NumérArt, a custom wall paper printer that has been in the heart of Old Montreal for nearly ten years. NumérArt’s work is certainly displayed front and centre in the Pepin shop (home deco collection), but it can also be seen in the public areas of Phase 1 of the le 21e arrondissement. NumérArt recently made the news as they collaborated on the renovation of Montreal’s W Hotel with a wall that showcased local creativity.

In the shop, Lysanne Pépin effectively combines male and female fashions with exclusive decorative objects.
A ‘one stop shop’ where you’ll find clothes and trendy accessories.

In the shop, the owner and artist Lysanne Pepin effectively combines feminine and masculine fashions with exclusive decorative objects. We also discovered her works, which are also sold online, displayed on the walls. We love the blending of styles; the store resembles a friend’s apartment who has great taste. We wanted to buy everything, and everything seems perfectly in place. The owners conceived their idea to meet the needs of a new generation in search of a refined lifestyle that will reflect their individuality but requires little effort. That’s the spirit at Pépin!

Two years ago, just a few doors down from their shop, they opened a new ‘Home’ Pépin Shop, also on St. Paul Street West. The concept of this new store? It’s also a ‘one-stop shop’, but exclusively for the home. Before, there was furniture in the first store as well, but the owners wanted to separate the two concepts and open the second space exclusively for furniture and home accessories.

So now there are two Pépin shops on St. Paul Street in Old Montreal. Espace Pépin Fashion, a boutique for clothing and accessories, and Espace Pépin Home, which focuses on everything and anything you might find in your home.  

Espace Pépin Home, the continuation of Espace Pépin Fashion, but for your home.
The vegetarian counter offers a lunch menu from Monday to Friday, as well as coffee and pastries on weekends.

“The Pepin Shop, a vision for the perfect house according to Lysanne,” says Ms. Albinet.

Espace Pépin Home was conceived and designed as a house. Each space in the store represents a different room: living room, kitchen, bathroom… Inspirational models for every room! The decor and layout of each space changes regularly, because, to the delight of customers, the owner likes to refresh things from time to time. Don’t be surprised if you return to the store one day and the ‘dining room’ was moved and the furniture totally changed.

At Espace Pépin Home, you’ll also find a ‘vegetarian Counter’ in a separate corner of the store. Lunch is served at the counter from Monday to Friday: hot dishes, soups and salads. Perfect if you want to take a shopping break between the two Pépin shops, or if you just want to have a coffee in a setting as delightful and inspiring as Pépin!

Stop for a coffee between visits to the two Pépin shops!

Espace Pépin Fashion & Espace Pépin Home
350, Saint Paul Street W.
Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3
(514) 844-0114
Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm every day except Sunday, which is 11:00am – 5:00pm  

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