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Pastries and Other Gourmet Delights!

Great places to satisfy your sugar cravings in Old Montréal, Griffintown and Little Burgundy
Bonnes adresses de pâtisseries dans les environs des projets de condos 21e arrondissement, Lowney sur Ville et Bassins du Havre, dans Griffintown et dans le Vieux Montréal.

There exists a real treasure trove for foodies, just steps from the Point-à-Callière museum: La Maison Christian Faure. You’ll find French pastry classics such as the ‘Opera’ or ‘Paris-Brest’, as well as many original creations. Delicious croissants, both chocolate and regular, are also fan-favorites. For first-timers, the lemon tart is really worth the visit!

If you’re looking to take a break while strolling through Old Montréal, you can also enjoy their desserts on site. For those who are a bit hungrier, explore the delicious lunch menus with all kinds of salads, platters and sandwiches (including beef tartar!).

Have you always dreamed of being a pastry chef for a day? Well then it’s your lucky day because Christian Faure offers pastry courses to both professionals and ‘serious amateurs’ alike.

Take a look at the photos on their Facebook Page!

Maison Christian Faure – 355, Place Royale

Other Great Gourmet Finds

If you have a sweet tooth like me, here’s a few other pastry spots in the same neighborhood as our condo projects:

Patrice Pâtissier – 2360, rue Notre-Dame ouest; Local 104

Their success has continued since their opening last year. I have a weakness for the chocolate cake with coffee from Saint-Henri micro-roaster.

Mamie Clafoutis – 2660, rue Notre-Dame ouest

A new franchise opened its doors a few months ago in Little Burgundy. It’s a great place to pick up goodies for a picnic on the edge of the Lachine Canal, because on top of a variety of desserts and pastries you’ll find a wide range of sandwiches, salads and quiches. For those who have never tried the clafoutis (a kind of flan with fruit), it’s the perfect place to try it!

Cookie Stéfanie – 272, rue St-Jacques ouest

For foodies who prefer gluten-free, head to Cookie Stéfanie to enjoy delicious cookies, cakes and other goodies! Some products are also made without milk or eggs. According to my colleague Marie-France, everyone loves this place, even those who don’t have gluten allergies!

Bar à Beurre – 350, rue Notre-Dame est

Their specialty is the butter ball (the name is surprising but theme-appropriate!), which resembles a cookie-dough made macaroon stuffed with pastry cream and rolled in sugar. For sugar lovers only! You’ll also find cupcakes, pastries, several kinds of bread and homemade jams. They even offer ‘high tea’ during the afternoon.

Note : Photo was taken from La Maison Christian Faure’s Facebook Page!

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