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Outdoor Circuit: Staying Fit in the Heart of Griffintown

An intense workout to push your limits

Summer has finally arrived and meteorologists announced it will be even warmer than the past two years. If, like us, you preferred to spend your winter slumped on your sofa following the shenanigans of Frank Underwood rather than burn calories on a treadmill, summer parties and pools mean you have to get back into shape!

And to help, we found THE bootcamp for you, just steps from Lowney sur Ville!

Meet Mondays at St Ann Park in Griffintown, just steps from Lowney!

We’re talking about Circuit Plein-Air Montreal (outdoor bootcamp) with Andréanne Fitness. Educated as an accountant, Andréanne was a regular at Lowney’s gym before she decided to strike out on her own. A former gymnast and certified fitness coach by the F.I.T, she definitely doesn’t lack imagination when it comes to pushing you to your limits!

Andréanne, founder of Andréanne Fitness and certified trainer by the F.I.T.

“I was training in the gym at Lowney sur Ville when the idea came to me to strike out on my own and follow my passion.”

What is the Circuit Plein-Air Montréal?

It’s a one-hour intense physical activity session, in the heart of Griffintown, offered by Andréanne and Maxime. The formula consists of eight-45 second exercise stations, each working your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The exercises are varied and allow you to burn up to 600 calories

Their bootcamp courses are known for being tough, and having tried it, we can confirm!

However, for Andréanne, it’s important to respect each person’s limits. She therefore proposes alternatives so that both beginners and the more advanced find their groove.

Circuit training allows you to burn lots of calories and see quick results!
We train as a team to encourage people to keep pushing!

Her Philosophy?

Fun first! Classes are held in a festive atmosphere where nobody feels judged. Andréanne and Maxime take the time to encourage you and correct you when the motion is not properly executed.

So no excuse not to go to St. Ann Park in Griffintown, located a 9 minute walk from Lowney (we advise you to get there with a light jog, just to warm up!).

Maxime and Andréanne assist participants so they get the most out of each exercise.
The trainers fully explain the circuit before participants get started,
as there are only 1 to 2 minute breaks between each repetition.

If you aren’t a fan of group classes, Andréanne also offers private training sessions. She’ll start with a physical assessment to create a consistent program to meet your goals. Depending on your availability, you will then meet for follow-up sessions; always important to keep the motivation! An effective and exciting way to get fit fast!

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The stopwatch just started….see you next Monday!

3, 2, 1….go! Register now and get in shape! Enjoy your workout!

Andréanne Fitness

St. Ann Park Griffintown
Corner Wellington & De la Montagne
$10 / session
$45 / 5 sessions
7:15pm to 8:15pm

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