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Organizing a Baby’s Room

Some advice for the whole family’s comfort
Trucs et conseils pour la décoration d'une chambre de bébé

Hello everyone,

As I will soon be a father, my girlfriend and I thought it might be a good idea to start preparing our future baby’s room. Believe me, it’s no small affair. We read plenty of books and consulted many people to create the perfect environment for a newborn baby. Here are a few things to take into consideration.   

First, we were advised to place the baby’s bed facing the door. This subtle gesture works to reassure the child when they are young because they will begin to recognize and associate with the face that enters the door. 

Second tip, don’t put too much lighting in the room. Contrary to what most adults believe, bright lights that are too strong can actually frighten children whereas darkness is relaxing and encourages long, deep sleeps.

Thirdly, avoid buying large furniture for baby’s rooms. You can find furniture adapted for babies that allow you to decorate them to give them a baby’s touch. There are many beautiful pieces available now at very affordable prices. (For any advice, come see me I am the king of thrift!)

Finally, you must leave enough space for a relaxation area; an ideal space to play with your baby, cradle them in your arms, read a book….

I can’t wait! Of course everyone does things their own way, but keep these tips in mind because they may just comfort the entire family.

Voilà, good luck!

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