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Nozy: Saint Henri’s Japanese Gem

Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine
Découvrez la cuisine japonaise authentique du restaurant Nozy, situé à Saint-Henri.

Discreetly located on Notre-Dame Street West, Nozy is one of many culinary pearls in Saint-Henri. Open since late 2015, they serve authentic Japanese family cuisine.

After training in Italian and French kitchens in Japan, Chef Nozomu Takeuchi went to work in Switzerland and Italy before moving to Montreal. Already looking to start an authentic Japanese restaurant, he was strolling through Saint-Henri one day when he found the perfect place to do it. The name Nozy was a natural fit for his restaurant, as his friends have been calling him that for years.

Chef Nozomu Takeuchi offers authentic Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant, located in a very intimate setting, has only about twenty seats in addition to the bar. The decoration, much like the storefront, is very simple. White walls and chairs contrast with black tables. At the back of the restaurant, a large wooden countertop opens onto the kitchen and bar. Only a few slates decorate the walls. The atmosphere is friendly and very unpretentious.

Raw materials and the color white dominate the simplistic decor.

Quality and Freshness on the Menu

At Nozy, the menu features typical Japanese cuisine, where teishoku, the concept of receiving miso soup, salad, marinated vegetables and a main dish, is always respected. The menu is revamped each season and is a great place for seafood.

“I focus on seasonal seafood. I want to offer dishes that are relatively inexpensive, but quality and freshness are non-negotiable”, says the chef.

There are several different starters to get your appetite going. A must-try is the hearty take-kago, a plate with 5 chef-chosen appetizers. During our visit, we enjoyed karaage-style braised ribs, marinated fried chicken, a sashimi dish, an eggplant dip with homemade chips and marinated vegetables.

All the dishes were beautifully executed, including the fried chicken with its delicate bread that gave way to the marinated flavors. The sashimi was simply sublime, with its fresh fish and algae salad. The slices of tuna and salmon melt in your mouth, and the delicate sauce accompanying them only enhanced their flavors.

The take-kago, great for sharing!

The vegetable crepes are also a big hit, both in terms of taste and presentation. Covered with katsuobushi, this hot dish was delicious and very filling.

The vegetable crepes, another choice entrée.

The entrée menu features several seasonal dishes, including animeshi, a bowl with incredibly fresh and tasty seasonal seafood! This time, it was the snow crab on the menu, accompanied by sea urchin, delicious raw shrimp with a slightly sweet taste, all topped off with salmon eggs. This dish is served teishoku, with miso soup, a small salad and marinated vegetables.

Every bite is a treat, every dish is exquisitely prepared.

As for dessert, the dishes are French, Italian and sometimes Japanese-inspired. As the menu varies according to the chef’s inspirations, we found apple croustade (pastry), green tea crème brûlée and cannolis. Not to be missed this summer, flavored crushed ice.

They offer several cocktails, including this Bloody Caesar with crab.

Nozy is definitely an authentic, friendly and intimate place where you can savor succulent Japanese family cuisine


3568, Notre-Dame West

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