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No More South Shore Buses in Griffintown

New Agreement with the Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT)
Une nouvelle entente avec l'Agence métropolitaine de transport met un terme à la présence des autobus de la Rive-sud dans les rues du quartier Griffintown, à Montréal.

Great news for residents of Griffintown! The commuter bus route from the South Shore, which previously passed through William, de l’Inspecteur and Saint-Maurice Streets in Griffintown, has, as of June 22nd, been redirected towards the city’s main thoroughfares.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Benoit Dorais, the mayor of the South-West borough and head of the 2nd opposition at City Hall, the bus route has finally been changed. The deal was reached after much discussion and negotiations between the AMT, the Borough of Ville-Marie, the Bonaventure project office and the transportation direction of the City of Montreal. The previous agreement, which permitted the passage of buses in the residential sector, linked the borough to the AMT until 2022.

“The passage of roughly 1,200 buses in what is now a mixed sector booming with a high concentration of residential developments totally contradicts our quality of living objectives”*, said Benoit Dorais, in a press release issued by the City of Montréal a few days ago.

Buses from the South Shore will now be redirected towards Cathédrale, Saint-Jacques and Nazareth streets, as well as towards the Bonaventure Expressway, until the new Robert-Bourassa boulevard is completed in 2017.

Mayor Dorais feels confident that residents of Griffintown, already living with the nuisance of many construction sites and traffic barriers, will be especially relieved by the news.

The new agreement, effective since June 22, will be ratified by the city council and the agglomeration council in the coming weeks. The new regulation includes an alternative route that meets the needs of the South Shore while improving the quality of life in Griffintown.

We’d like to thank the many Lowney residents who help in advancing this agenda through City Hall.

All of Griffintown is rejoicing!

*This quote is our translation of Benoit Dorais’ statement. Read the original press release (in french only).

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