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New Parks in Griffintown!

Work has begun on Park 3 North on the site of Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre
Début des travaux du Parc 3 Nord sur les site des Bassins du Havre, au coeur de Griffintown.

Many of you have no doubt seen that work on Park 3 North on the site of Les Bassins du Havre began this past May 19th. Great news for Griffintown!

The planning objectives for this park are:

  • Creating a friendly space
  • Offering children secure and attractive play areas
  • Assuring a certain level of greenery by planting trees, bushes and flowers

As is the case at Les Bassins du Havre, the park will be developed in accordance with its surrounding environment. We are particularly mindful of:

  • Managing rain water
  • Sediment control
  • Using native plants resistant to drought conditions

Work on the park will last until autumn. For a sneak peek, Benoit Dorais, the mayor of the South-West borough, recommends stopping by city hall, located on 815 rue Bel-Air (between Saint-Antoine & Saint-Jacques) next to the Lionel-Groulx Métro station, to view a mock-up of the park, on display until June 23rd.

Park 3 North adds to a list of several existing parks located in the area, such as the linear park on the banks of the Lachine Canal, the Faubourg-Saint-Anne park, Parc Gallery (dog park), the bio-retention pond and the Pointe-Des-Seigneurs archeological park.

The plans below illustrate existing and future parks.

C’est rafraîchissant de voir un quartier se revitaliser avec autant d’espaces verts!

It’s refreshing to see a neighborhood rejuvenating itself with so many green spaces!

The South-West borough also recently announced their imminent purchase of a piece of land that will be transformed into a new green space. The land in question is located south-west of Dalhousie Street and north-west of Ottawa Street, right in the heart of Griffintown.

Nothing but good news for neighborhood residents!

Photo: Park 3 North, as seen here.

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