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A New Chapter Begins for Lowney 8-11


It feels like not so long ago, we were launching the construction of the Phase 8 of the Lowney. More than three years have passed by since that launch; years during which Prével succeeded in making the idea of an innovative urban project with modern rooftop terraces as its central feature come true. The Lowney 8 to 11 is conceived around the idea of four communicating rooftops, each one of them with a different concept, creating an ensemble that feels like a linear park located in the heights of Montreal. At the Lowney, our objective was to offer a space with a very relaxed vibe, where residents could  get away from their daily routine, and jump into a « vacation » mode.  Two of the rooftop terraces at the Lowney are equipped with outdoor pools. Residents can also enjoy all year round an indoor pool and a fitness center, where one can find a complete relaxation station, with a steam bath, a sauna and a jacuzzi. After a good session at the fitness center, residents can find the rest they need in the urban chalet, also placed on the rooftops of the Lowney. With an outstanding view on the city and on the mountain, this chalet is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends or to enjoy great times with other co-owners. Soon, a total of 425 condo units will be delivered at the Lowney and a new adventure will begin with the Lowney sur Ville project. The Prével Team wishes to thank all the collaborators who contributed to the success of this project. And, once again, welcome to all the new residents. Have fun! Lise

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