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My life in a 422 sq.f. condo


By Nicolas Mayrand Of all the employees of Prevel who chose to establish themselves in one of our projects, I am the only one who chose (one could say dared) a smaller unit. Since June 2012, I live in a 422 square -foot condo in Le Seville project. It is with a lot of pleasure that I accepted, when asked by my colleagues of Prevel, to write about my experience. First of all, let me tell you that I am very satisfied with my choice. If I had to summarize my experience, I’d say that my living space is pleasant and very easy to live in. My unit has many advantages. For example, my acquisition and monthly fees are much lower than those of the bigger units. When I see the electricity bill of my friends that are home owners, I can’t restrain from smiling, thinking at my ridiculous $25 per month bill. My condo fees are also much lower, because my share is smaller, although I get free and unlimited access to the amenities the building has to offer. Most people would believe the opposite, but day-to-day life is very comfortable in a 422 sq. feet space. I have everything one expects to find in an apartment: a living room, a bedroom, a very functional kitchen, a bathroom and even a walk-in. A touch of originality and a few good decisions in the choice of design and furniture did the trick. I am also immunized against over accumulation of useless objects, which seems to be inevitable in a normal apartment. But the main advantage I see in my condo is the chance of living in the heart of Montreal, at only a fraction of the price. This allows me to enjoy the pleasures of the city; I have a privileged access to all the best entertainment there is out there, without having to deal with traffic issues, although sometimes the sidewalks of St. Catherine Street and the terraces of St. Denis Street get pretty busy! I must also say that I am pretty proud of the effect my condo has on my carbon footprint. I spend very little energy to heat and cool my apartment and I have significantly reduced my gas consumption by putting my car aside more often. Being able to find most of the things I need on a daily basis at an acceptable walking distance, I am also proud to say that I play a role in the blooming of a thriving neighbourhood. Before ending this, I have to say there is something about my apartment that could be better. It seems that time dedicated to cleaning is not proportional to the size of the condo. I still have to find a way to speed up the washing of my floors and bathroom! If you are also having a great experience with yours, or if I forgot to mention an advantage that seems obvious to you, please let us know in the “comments” section! Nicolas

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