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The Montreal Oysterfest is back!

A festive and mouth-watering event that's well worth the detour!
Gastronomie à Montréal : L'OysterFest, un grand Festival d'huîtres dans le Vieux-Montréal!

The Montreal Oysterfest will be here August 29-30th

The festival will take place over two days at Peel Basin, not far from Lowney sur Ville and Bassins du Havre

In addition to a great excuse to enjoy some famous seafood, the Oysterfest also features many different competitions, each more spectacular than the last.


Those who are ready for a challenge will be keen to try their luck at the amateur oyster opening competition, or at the amateur bartending competition. Afterwards you can check out the same competitions, but for professionals! The show will most definitely be worth it! 

As for the chef’s contest, the competition will feature five of the best chefs in town competing to prepare extraordinary seafood platters, which will then be auctioned off to benefit charity.

Eating and Drinking 

Of course, the Oysterfest is first and foremost an occasion to savor oysters. You can buy tickets in advance or on-site. Your admission ticket gives you access to the entire site and includes coupons you can then use for tastings. 

Organizers promise the best oysters of the season. They will be selected by the Old Port Fishing Company and opened by hand by the most skilled hands in town! Last year, for the 6th edition of the event, the festival had more than 23 000 oysters! 

The festival will bring together several of the most popular restaurants and chefs in Montreal. Gourmet celebrities such as Notkins, Park, Bevo, Flyjin, Grinder, Suite 701, Monkland Tavern and others will serve their best dishes. Teams from Burgundy Lion, Rosewood and Philemon will be on hand to mix up drinks to accompany your oysters.

Party and Music 

The Peel Basin won’t be lacking ambiance during this wonderful gourmet party. Several musical acts will be on hand. Performances will include Jonas, Shane Murphy as well as the star of hip-hop Montreal Annakin Slayde. DJ Myles and Phil will also be playing some beats.

Quick! Mark the weekend of August 29-30 on your calendar! 

Photo: from OysterFest Montréal‘s Facebook Page.

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