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Meet one of our residents: comedian Jay Du Temple

Chatting beards and Québec comedy at La Maison Privée in Griffintown
Rencontre avec l’un de nos résidents, l’humoriste québécois Jay Du Temple qui nous parle barbe et humour  à La Maison Privée, à Griffintown.

Ambitious and carrying a very prominent beard, Jeremy Du Temple-Quirion, now known as Jay Du Temple, is part of the changing face of the comedy movement in Quebec.

This young millennial impresses audiences with his provocative humor and his ‘thousand and one projects’, presented both on stage and television. Lucky for us, Jay Du Temple made his home in a Prével project! Discover this young talented comedian at La Maison Privée barbershop, where professionals pamper his (and many others) signature beard that’s become so popular. 

First thing’s first, how did Jeremy Du Temple-Quirion become Jay Du Temple, a talented young man pioneering Quebec’s new comedy movement?

I always liked humor, although initially I didn’t understand that it could be your profession. After going to the Just for Laughs festival several times, watching Grandes Gueules on DVD many times at home, and making my classmates in high school continuously laugh, I realized that I could maybe be a comedian.

It was at the end of Grade 11 that I started doing comedy. I did my first comedy show in front of 900 people at the Étoile Dix-30! It was then that I discovered my true passion, even more than the sports. It all came together from there: evening classes at the National School of Comedy, then later full time at what we called the Hogwarts of humor.

Meeting with Jay Du Temple at Maison Privée in Griffintown.

The Jay Du Temple I am today has grown considerably in strength thanks to practice and writing. You have to have a certain instinct for humor, don’t hesitate to try it out and do small shows in bars. That’s how you discover how funny you actually are.

And how would you define your style of comedy?

I like to define myself as “tannant” (annoying, provocative). It’s not necessarily reflected in the topics I choose, but in the energy that I have on stage. For example, in high school I was one of the class clowns, but the teacher also always found me funny (laughs)! I’m still that guy today, but I can make you hate me for 30 seconds and then make you laugh at that.

“Before going on stage, I repeat to myself ‘be annoying!” 

Meeting with Jay Du Temple at La Maison Privée

Speaking of style and seeing as how we’re in a barbershop, some would say that your beard has in a way become your comedy symbol and people recognize you because of it!

(Laughs). Yes, actually my beard and long hair started out of sheer laziness! Even so, when it came time to create the poster for my show last year, my graphic artist drew a picture of me where she put my hat forward and my beard hand-drawn. I loved it, because even though you could not see my face very well you definitely recognized me!

I think people are very visual too. We remember well the image of François Bellefeuille for example! The public often associates a personality with an image, and I think mine is simple and works very well.

“I like when an artist is authentic and consistent with their image. It’s ok to make changes, but they have to remain themselves!” declares Greg, a barber at Maison Privée.

And you regularly visit the barbershop?

Yes! I love coming to the barbershop, it’s my guilty pleasure and makes me feel like a ‘man’ (laughs)!

Meet the new face of comedy Jay Du Temple

You said in an interview that comedy is really fun because it’s all done at bars! What do you mean by that?

The bar is really a great place, its own small world. Initially, when you arrive, it’s stressful and intimidating because you’re new and everyone looks at you. But it was here that for the first time in my life I met people who really have the same passion as me.

And today, bars are kind of our office. This is where we find ourselves, we improve, meet great people. Comedians I meet in bars have pretty much become my colleagues, and especially good friends.

Meeting with Jay Du Temple, the new face of comedy in Quebec

At Zoofest you did a series of seventeen 60-minute shows, you helped create the Gala des Refusés, you participated in Show 2000, which had an extra show on February 12th. Comedy has become much more prominent on the cultural scene, something that didn’t seem be the case in previous years. What’s changed?

It is a perfect mixture of both ambition and the opportunities that weren’t there before. One day I was talking with Alexandre Barrette around the time he came out of comedy school, and back then there was only the St. Ciboire in Montreal to practice sketches publicly.

Today, there are comedy shows almost every day. For example, I play almost every night and this definitely wouldn’t have been the norm ten years ago for someone at my level. Comedy is rapidly improving and word is spreading. I think people also like to see new faces.

They are happy to see new styles. Above all, everyone loves to laugh!

At La Maison Privée.

You’re now involved in two television projects. Viewers can see you on Code F. on VRAK and Like-moi on Télé-Québec. What’s it like to perform on screen rather than in front of the public?

It’s different working on television. For example, on Code F., we speak directly with the director and try to be funny. Without feedback from the crowd like when you’re on stage, it’s hard to imagine people will find our jokes funny, when in fact they do! What I also like on Code F is that these are my words. I can write about different topics than usual and work with other comedians on the panel such as Pier-Luc Funk, with whom I’ve written some sketches for the series.

“What I really like about television projects is we bring confidence to our comedy movement; it’s very rewarding.” 

On Like-moi, the big difference is mainly the scripts. Marc Brunet (les Bobos, 3600 seconds of ecstasy, The heart has its reasons), who I consider a genius, writes the scripts. It’s really awesome to work for someone I admire so much. Also, in terms of stepping up my game it’s a new challenge and never lost to the stage.

What I especially like about these TV projects is the fact that we bring confidence to our comedy movement, which is extremely rewarding. Also, the projects represent me and allow people to discover me for what I do in life: comedy!

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Aside from his long beard and his prominent hat, Jay Du Temple’s goal is to make people laugh and be as funny as possible. You can see Jay Du Temple every Monday night at the Jockey bar and follow his many different projects on his Facebook page. Stay tuned, there are rumors that another TV project is in the works for Jay on MaTV.

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Meeting with Jay du Temple at La Maison Privée in Griffintown.

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