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McAuslan Brewery: For the Love of Beer

A ‘small industrial brewery’ in the heart of South-West Montreal
Depuis plus de 25 ans, la Brasserie McAuslan, fière productrice des bières Saint-Ambroise et Griffon, s'inscrit dans le paysage du quartier Sud-Ouest. Découvrez cette institution emblématique de l'ancien quartier industriel de Montréal!

For over 25 years, McAuslan Brewery has produced quality beers that are internationally acclaimed. In 1989, Peter McAuslan left his administrative job, and, encouraged by his wife, devoted his time to the second great love of his life: beer! First located at 4850 rue Saint-Ambroise, the brewery is now based at number 5080 on the same street, overlooking the Lachine Canal. For the inhabitants of the South-West borough, the brewery is part of the city vibe, almost a symbol of the neighborhood of Saint-Henri.

A large brewery or a microbrewery among the large? William, specialized guide at the McAuslan Interpretation Centre, prefers to call the company a “small industrial brewery.”

At the Saint-Ambroise Annex, you can enjoy new and classic brews, on tap.
Kept in small barrels, seasonal beers (Stout Chocolate, Saint-Ambroise Pumpkin raspberry, for example) are brewed in small quantities.

Beer that Montrealers can be proud of

In the late 1980s, the McAuslan Brewery became Quebec’s first microbrewery before experiencing tremendous growth. Peter McAuslan’s ambitious project was to provide Montrealers with a beer in their image, at a time when supermarket shelves were full of American beers.

The brewery’s icon, the beer that placed us on the map, is the Pale Ale, but the most prized is the Oatmeal Stout” -Guillaume Manual and McAuslan Interpretation Centre.  

To sharpen our critical thinking, always looking for new challenges, we tasted these two (and others!) Saint-Ambroise essentials. Refined, but accessible, both beers are concocted by the rules of art (because McAuslan brewers are definitely malt and hops artists!). Pale Ale and Oatmeal Stout, a blonde and a black, both have a developed but unpretentious tastes.  

Malt Chocolate, the secret ingredient of Chocolate Stout, a seasonal Saint-Ambroise beer.
The all new Porter Baltic, the famous Oatmeal Stout, and the unavoidable Pale Ale.
Hops and malted barley, the two ingredients needed to brew any beer.

More than a brewery

As the Montreal brewery grew, so did the McAuslan family, which today has 70 members. The brewery now has the new McAuslan Interpretation Center and Saint-Ambroise Annex, an Irish pub where you can taste their newest beers.

St. Ambroise Annex is a success because there are many regulars and lots of word-of-mouth!” – Justine, Manager of the Annex and the terrace

During summer, the beautiful St. Ambroise terrace welcomes cyclists and strollers to grab a beer and a snack while enjoying the view of the canal. If you’re passing by on a paddle boat or kayak you can see the terrace from the water.

The Saint Ambroise Annex serves beers and pub grub in a friendly setting.

On St. Patrick’s Day we had the chance to meet a friendly, motivated, and above all, passionate team. We left McAuslan with a smile, a green hat and bag full of bottles of our favorite beers.

Justine, manager of the Annex, proudly wearing her St. Patrick’s accessory.

What we liked?

The opportunity to taste our favorite beers while educating ourselves about the brewing process. What’s better than learning from drinking beer?

Brasserie McAuslan

5080, Saint-Ambroise Street
(514) 939-3060

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