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Mandy’s: Old Montreal’s Newest and Best Salad Counter

Healthy and filling gourmet salads
Découvrez les salades et les brunchs du nouveau restaurant Mandy’s, situé dans le Vieux-Montréal.

Known for their gourmet salads, Mandy’s has been a source of excitement for Old Montreal residents and workers since it opened in one of the historic buildings on St-Nicolas Street.

Old Montreal, a natural choice

When Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe, co-owners of Mandy’s, decided to open a 4th restaurant, they naturally chose a neighborhood they love for its aesthetics and architecture, Old Montreal. Even more though, they knew there was a lot of demand for their type of restaurant in the neighborhood.

“A lot of people in the neighborhood were telling us there weren’t enough health food options. There are plenty of places to go out at night and have a drink, but not many options for truly healthy meals” explains Rebecca Wolfe. “We were already making many deliveries in Old Montreal.”

Sisters Mandy and Rebecca Wolfe, the brains behind Mandy’s.

The co-owners definitely didn’t skimp on the details in their 4th restaurant. It’s not only their largest location, with 75 seats in addition to an outdoor terrace, it’s also the first location where they serve breakfast and alcoholic beverages.

An eclectic and inviting decor

As soon as you enter Mandy’s you appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere Mandy and Rebecca created. The eclectic decor brings us straight to Paris, with its black and white checkered floor and small bistro-style round tables. At the same time the vibrant colors from palms, foliage and flamingos on the walls transport us to a tropical universe. Here and there, small details delight all who visit: a pineapple hook to hang the coats, pink salt and pepper shakers and small plants on each table.

Round tables and checkered floors remind us of Parisian bistros.
A tropical touch on the walls.
Instagram fans will be in paradise.

Gourmet salads, gourmet products and mouthwatering brunches

Since opening their first location, Mandy’s has charmed customers the same way the best restaurants always do, through their stomachs. Although the restaurant specializes in salads, it is not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant or one that focuses exclusively on low-calorie dishes.

“When people finish their meals at Mandy’s, they feel completely satiated. It’s not easy to feel truly satisfied after eating only a salad, and we’ve changed that. Our goal was to create salads that we would want to eat. Cheese and bacon are among our ingredients,” explains Rebecca.

The menu includes about 20 salads, enough to satisfy all tastes. If you desire, you can even create your own salad from A to Z. You can also customize those that are already on the menu because everything is made to order. The Old Montreal menu also offers fancier salads with seared tuna, steak and, coming this summer, lobster.

The Wolfe bowl, with tamari vinaigrette.

They also offer delicious flavored waters to go with your meal, not to mention a wine list prepared by Ryan Gray, the sommelier at Nora Gray.

Basil strawberry water and homemade lemonade.

Mandy’s isn’t just for salad though. Homemade soups and desserts, including brownies and biscuits, are also served.

Breakfasts are another novelty at the Old Montreal branch. You’ll find excellent Viennese pastries from the Hof Kelsten Bakery, coffee from the 49th Parallel roaster and a menu offering homemade granola as well as a sublime avocado toast. Served with an egg and homemade spread, it’s pure ecstasy for your taste buds. A light, fresh dish.

The excellent avocado toast served with an egg.

When quality is non-negotiable

If Mandy’s has so many followers, it’s not only because of the variety of salads but also the importance attached to the quality of ingredients. There’s no faded salad or brown avocado here!

“From the beginning, even when we had one customer a day, we never skimped on quality so all customers have a perfect experience,” Rebecca says. “We also make sure we always have fresh vegetables, with two deliveries a day.”

Bring a little Mandy’s home

Customers at the Old Montreal branch will also be able to enjoy a grocery corner where they can buy Mandy’s vinaigrettes, juices made with Jus Pur, ready-to-eat salads made that day, and several other gourmet products, not to mention Mandy’s-branded hats and sweaters.

Mandy’s salads, juices and vinaigrettes are at your fingertips.

From modest beginnings to a huge success

It’s been a long journey since the opening of the first Mandy’s restaurant in 2004, located at the back of the Mimi & Coco clothing store in Westmount. Back in Montreal after studying a few years in New York, Rebecca had the idea to open her own salad bar, a concept that was already very popular on the east coast of the United States.

“There was nothing like that in Montreal,” she recalls, “and Mandy is excellent at cooking. I asked her to work with me to create the menu.” At the beginning, everything was prepared at home, from vegetables to vinaigrettes to cooking the chicken, and then brought to the restaurant. “A logistics nightmare,” they laugh.

And why Mandy’s name? The two sisters look at each other with a look only two sisters can give. “People always want to know that. I chose the name,” says Rebecca. “I wanted a salad prepared by Mandy everyday, and every one was always perfect. She created all our recipes, she is behind all the dishes we serve. I convinced her to use her name.”

We quickly fell in love with Mandy’s, as much for the warm atmosphere as for the quality of the food. A place to add to your list of favorites right away!


423, St-Nicolas Street

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