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Making The Right Choices Of Finishes


The process of buying a new condo has many steps. All of them are fun, but my favorite part is the time when we have to make the choices of finishes. Even if this step seems to be on the bottom of the list, I strongly suggest that you start thinking about it before “D-day”. Open your eyes and be on the lookout for ideas that fit your style in terms of ambiance and decoration. Once you bought your condo and you have your plans in hand, you’ll be ready for action and save time. Stay focused and take some notes… everything can become a source of inspiration: the restaurant, the setup of a movie or the decoration at one of your friend’s house. In terms of interior design there is always a ton of options: choice of fabric, colors, texture, size, composition… Flat or gloss, white or colorful, that is the question! When I need inspiration, I stop by the bookstore or at the news stand to buy magazines specialized in interior design. The best ones are truly filled with great ideas! Choose the ones that fit your style and needs. If you prefer making your researches through the web, Internet will be your best friend. Visit Pinterest, a website dedicated to the sharing of good ideas. Follow the pins of users that are interested in interior design or make a search using keywords. Finally, if you want to visualize your new living space, you will find in our sales offices model units where you can try out different layouts using samples of our numerous finishes. If you prefer working with a licensed interior designer or another professional, I recommend that you complete this process before meeting our choices of finishes coordinator. It will be easier for her to study your plan and to make the right choices to meet the style you are looking for. Thus, all these efforts translate into action during your meeting with our coordinator. She will explain to you every possibility, make sure that you understand what you are buying and help you better visualize your condo. You’ll go through the architectural layout, the kitchen layout and the electrical plan. This is a crucial moment, where you’ll be asked to determine the exact positioning of the television and the function of the electrical switches (you can decide what opens what and where). The last step, but not the least (it’s the most excinting!), is the choice of the materials and colors. That’s the moment where the fates of your floors, kitchen cupboards and bathroom are decided. Quartz or granit for the kitchen counters? Ceramic tiles for the bathroom? What color for the grout? Sign of the importance of this meeting, they usually take between 2 to 4 hours. Save the date in your agenda… and you’ll probably want to bring with you a friend with decoration skills, your partner, or a talented family member for some guidance! In the weeks following this meeting, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the coordinator that sums up all the choices made during the meeting, and if it is the case, the final modifications that you will have to approve. At the reception of your final approval, your dossier will be transferred to the construction team, and they will execute the plans as soon as possible. A few weeks for the final preparations and hop! It will be the moment to celebrate in your new condo! For any question regarding decoration, please don’t hesitate to communicate with me. It’s always a pleasure! Kimi

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