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Lowney sur Ville : news from the site!

Update on the work going on at the site
Avec l’été qui tire à sa fin, le moment est venu de faire un nouveau bilan de l’avancée des travaux au site du Lowney sur Ville.

As summer is coming to an end we thought it was a good time to give you all an update of the work going on at the Lowney sur Ville site.

If you have had the chance to pass by the corner of Ottawa and Shannon you’re no doubt aware of the effort underway. Work on phase 1 of Lowney sur Ville is in its final stages. Work crews are busy inside finishing important milestones such as gypsum installation. Phase 2 is currently experiencing a growth spurt and we are now laying the concrete slab for the 5th floor. Deliveries for phase 1 are scheduled to begin in early November, as promised. 

Lowney sur Ville (phase 1) :

Here is a summary of the interior work currently under way :

  • Ceramic installations have reached the 16th floor;
  • Cabinet installations have reached the 12th floor;
  • Floor installations have reached the 4th floor.

The common areas :

  • The concrete outline for the swimming pool is finished;
  • The lobby and elevators are looking more and more welcoming : much work has been completed, such as ceramic installations.

If you haven’t already, you may follow this link to a recent post that lists all of the units still available in Lowney sur Ville. Several units are still searching for happy owners!

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