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Lowney and Chocolate-Cherry Sweets

A powerful part in the long history of Griffintown
Lowney condo project in Griffintown... a taste of history!

There was an obvious inspiration for our new project in Old Montréal, Le 21e, and that was the city of Paris. Built around a central square and close to so many of the services characteristic of Parisian life, le 21e will be like the new arrondissement of Paris…only in Montréal. But what about Lowney? Why was that name chosen?

Over the years, it has become a tradition for Prével to name new projects after places, the past and the atmosphere of the neighborhoods in which they are built. Some would say that our focus on places is why our projects are successful and take root.

The Imperial Loft project is what first set the tone, its name inspired by our transformation of the old Imperial Tobacco factory into an award-winning condo development.

Lowney, another of our urban condo projects, followed this trend. The first two phases are converted industrial buildings which were once the Lowney chocolate factory, whose flagship product was Cherry Blossoms. You didn’t know? This little chocolate-wrapped cherry delight was designed and produced in Montréal, and even contributed to Montréal’s reputation in the U.S. and Canada. 

In this advertisement from the 70’s, you can clearly see the name as Lowney’s Cherry Blossom. After watching the ad, I now think it should have featured a subtitle saying: ‘Attention, with Lowney, smiling is guaranteed!’ Despite its relative anonymity today, you can see from the Youtube comments that this delicious candy was once a favorite for kids.

The Lowney name holds with it unparalleled value and explains, in part at least, why the residents of Lowney have such pride and attachment to their residence. There really is a certain charm to living on a spot with such a powerful part in the long history of Griffintown.

If this blog entertained you, if you live at Lowney or would like to move to one of the new phases, the thing to do now is probably go and get one of those famous Cherry Blossoms. With this historical context in mind, you may just enjoy it even more!

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