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Local Favorite: Alexis le Gourmand


This gourmet grocery located on St-Jacques street, in the vicinity of the condos of the Lowney project in Montreal, opened its doors to the public in late 2010.  The façade of this shop is simple and of good taste, as is the pleasant boutique space of European style. Nothing there is left to chance: even their choice of music is good! In this trendy environment, one can simply order a croissant and a coffee for breakfast. But don’t miss the wide variety of astonishing dishes prepared and cooked in house by Alexis’ team of cooks and butchers (with the possibility to eat-in or to take-out). You can find there everything you need for a brunch, a romantic dinner, a last minute gift for a host or simply to treat yourself with fine local products. I must admit I have a weakness for their choice of sweets: cupcakes, high quality chocolates, nougats, cookies, Bilboquet ice cream, yogurts, jams, honeys and maple products. Finally, their selection of olive oils and vinegars, homemade pastas and sauces, fine cheeses, pâtés and deli meats will allow you to have improvised feasts in total simplicity. You can also find at Alexis a vast choice of local and imported products, fresh meats and fishes, fruit and vegetables, breads, cereals, coffee, nuts and much more! An absolute must! Alexis le Gourmand 1407 St-Jacques Street (between Versailles and Lucien-Lallier) 514-935-7676 Kim

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