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Les Bassins du Havre: Follow up from the construction site


By Patrick C. Archambault Seen from outside, the work at the construction site of Les Bassins du Havre project might seem to be slowing down. Well… that’s just an impression! We are in excellent shape and our teams and subcontractors are working at full speed inside the building. Here’s an overview of the progression of our work on the construction site of Phase 1:

  • The fenestration work is almost done, with less than 5% of the windows yet to be installed.
  • Installation of the yellow intermediate coating is also almost completed.
  • We have started to trace the interior walls of the 4th floor units.
  • Installation of the party walls is completed up to the 7th floor.
  • The installation of the interior partitions has started in the units on the ground and second floors.
  • Ventilation is installed on the first three floors.
  • Plumbing work is almost completed on the first eight floors.

At the Phase 2 construction site, the excavation started just after the end of Christmas holidays and we will soon begin to put the pilings in place. Patrick

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