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Le Mantelier: Male Grooming Services Every Man Needs

A unique grooming experience in Old Montreal, a must-try!
Apportant une toute nouvelle saveur dans le Vieux-Montréal, le Mantelier offre des services de rasage et coiffure hors du commun. Tout homme habitant Montréal se doit de l’essayer sans faute!

The Mantelier is a men’s shop (Man + Atelier (workshop) = Mantelier) that of course offers shaves, but their real mission is to not only provide a simple service but an experience. The innovative owner, Levon Tachtchian, wants to ensure that men who walk in leave feeling pampered and privileged.

What distinguishes Mantelier from other salons? First, there are many services. In addition to regular things provided by a barber such as shaving or cutting hair, there are a variety of aesthetic services, such as (it’s masculine here, watch out) eyebrow removal, coloring (as much hair as beards), facials, and manicures and pedicures. Note that each service is named so as to change perceptions, for example, hand treatments are called “The Handshake”. In fact it’s this idea of creating man-styled beauty treatments that kicked off the idea.

Le Mantelier only uses high-end products that are chosen with care.

The trigger actually came from Levon’s mother:

“While she was working in a nail care salon, my mother met a client, a man. He felt embarrassed being in a shop frequented almost exclusively by women, and that’s what inspired me to launch this concept.”

The young entrepreneur quickly realized he had delved into a completely untapped market; a beauty and health salon exclusively for men, where they can feel totally at ease.

A unique experience where every man feels like a VIP.
Le Mantelier offers accessories of all kinds for men, including jewelry and bowties.

Le Mantelier is also a luxury environment in itself. First, the decor is sumptuous, warm and embellished with classic touches, including two antique chairs. One was for polishing shoes (the only one of its kind in Montreal) and the other is a barber chair dating back to 20’s. We also find many accessories including rich silk squares and male jewelry. Le Mantelier uses only high-end products from the Parisienne brand, and are practically the only distributors in the Canadian market. In addition, the techniques and tools used are extremely sought after, with some clients coming from Europe and others, as far away as Dubai. The steam device used to open pores, essential for men with sensitive skin, is a concrete example. This is also why each of the shops’ experts must be properly trained to ensure the care given is always consistent.

Antique chair now used for grooming.
Barber’s chair dating back to the 20’s.

The reasoning behind this approach is perfectly legitimate:

“I’m 32; a simple barber would be more than enough to make me happy. Conversely, I wouldn’t necessarily go to the barber with my father. I would offer him something a little more upscale,” says the entrepreneur.

Although Mantelier clientele is mainly composed of businessmen, they vary in age from 25 to 65 and the prices are more than reasonable, especially considering the magnitude of the experience: “The most important thing is to get men through the door. The rest is really in our hands. You know, men don’t say anything when they are not satisfied; they simply don’t come back. It’s up to us to be responsive and make sure they are comfortable. When I see a familiar face, I am particularly overwhelmed because I know we’re doing something right,” adds Levon.

The owner, Levon Tachtchian.

If you feel ready it’s best to make an appointment in advance, especially if you’re hoping to be seen on the weekend as traffic has been steadily increasing. Rest assured that you will be welcomed as a king, with an espresso or a glass of scotch in hand!

Le Mantelier

Monday to Wednesday: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday and Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm

372, Notre-Dame St. W.
Old Montreal
Phone: 514 439 7725

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