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Le Fantôme: A William Street Delight Worth Sharing

THE Griffintown Culinary Experience
Le Fantôme: un délice à partager sur la rue William

We recently visited the Le Fantôme restaurant to discover Griffintown’s newest eatery. Upon arrival we were given a very warm and friendly reception. The word “experience” was the evening’s main theme. You truly feel that the attentive and highly skilled staff really want you to have a great overall experience: the atmosphere, food selection, flavors, the presentation and above all, the tastings!

Visit a restaurant that offers local cuisine in an intimate atmosphere.

Some advice?

Choose a small corner table where you can admire the open kitchen and see the staff dashing around. With the proximity between servers, cooks and customers, you can feel how hard they work to create such unique dishes.

The team at Le Fantôme in deep concentration.

A menu worth sharing!

After giving it a quick review, you’ll see that the menu is explained in considerable detail so everyone can choose dishes that go well with one another. As the idea is sharing, here is how we suggest you proceed with your dinner: share four dishes if you’re very hungry or three for normal hunger. The order in which you will enjoy these dishes will be thorough and well thought out.

You’ll notice a similar dedication to the preparation and presentation of dishes. Each one was designed in order to put forward a featured ingredient. The purpose is to put the spotlight on that one (very fresh and mostly unaltered) ingredient with the rest of the plate complementing its strongest player.

Whether it’s Nagano pork, scallops or foie gras, all the ingredients found on our plates are from the Atwater and Jean Talon markets. The choice of local foods is one of the notable advantages of this restaurant. Enjoy your glass of wine while five courses elegantly appear before you, all on plates handmade by the chef’s mother. The series of personal touches definitely adds to the pleasure of the meal.

Peanut butter and jelly foie gras on house brioche bread at Le Fantôme restaurant.
The food at Le Fantôme is both local and seasonal.
Fresh and daring blends that offer a great dining experience!

The mouth-watering dishes are not only delicious but also unusual, like the PBJFG sandwich. Not just a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it includes foie gras and is served on a house brioche bread! A menu surprise that attracts lots of attention, don’t hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

Also, for mushroom lovers, the caramel covered morels are to die for, served in a sauce that’s creamy, sweet and salty.

Finally, you can’t leave without having dessert. The Phylo Pastry filled with hazelnut cream and accompanied by fig ice cream will conclude your evening in exemplary fashion!

Le Fantôme’s Phylo pastry filled with hazelnut cream and accompanied by fig ice cream.
Le Fantôme, 1832 William Street, Montreal

You’ll definitely be returning to Le Fantôme. A great place to go as a couple, you’ll discover an intimate and subdued atmosphere where you can share delicious food and enjoy a wonderful dining experience!

Le Fantôme
1832 William Street
Montreal, Quebec

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