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Le Cartet: An Essential Piece of Old Montreal Since 1999

A Great Spot for Foodies
Une adresse pour épicuriens dans le Vieux-Montréal, à proximité du projet de condos 21e arrondissement

Long associated by locals with Place Jacques-Cartier and tourist trapping restaurants, Old Montreal has transformed in recent years. Residents now enjoy a real neighborhood feel, especially since new and innovative condo projects like Quai de la Commune started appearing in the 90’s, and more recently, le 21 arrondissement.  A vibrant, artistic and trendy place, Old Montreal is now the go-to neighborhood for a whole new generation of residents searching for proximity and, most of all, quality.

When you hear Old Montreal, you hear Le Cartet. This gourmet shop, where residents, tourists, and local workers have been meeting and dining for 16 years now, has become a testimonial to the neighborhood. What for? Probably because Le Cartet flawlessly meets the neighborhood’s needs by offering quality products and a wide selection of food to go. Most importantly, it’s a great neighborhood restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere.

“We are in an area where a majority of workers live in condos. They arrive home and do not necessarily have the time to cook. They also don’t want to eat much fast food. We always offer two options: diners can eat here or order to go, which is very much appreciated by our customers,” says Raluca Ganea, who has worked at Le Cartet for over 11 years.

Located on McGill Street since 1999, Le Cartet, has changed along with the neighborhood around it. The place, the design and the menu have all evolved. Brunches have gained importance and several signature dishes were born. Nowadays, on weekends it is not uncommon to see a line stretching to the corner of the street. The most popular brunch dishes are: Le Canton (ham on the bone, sausage, and bacon), the Atlantic (scrambled eggs and smoked salmon bagel) and Le Sucré (the ‘sweet’ – pancake with berry sauce, granola, and toast). Remember to take the brunch meal that includes: a mimosa, appetizers and fresh orange juice, a Cartet signature.

There’s always a line in front of Le Cartet on weekends! However, the brunch is worth the wait.

You can eat on site or choose one of the prepared dishes to go.

Open every day until late afternoon / early evening, Le Cartet, part restaurant, part gourmet shop, is equally known for their large variety of fine products and chocolate selections.

Here are three things you might not know about Le Cartet:

– The selection of chocolates has grown over the years due to their popularity and high customer demand. Today, many local and imported chocolates are sold in the grocery section.

– Le Cartet makes its own pastries. The Mrs. Cartet lemon tart is sold all day and is, to date, still very popular!

– The best-selling dish is the salmon tartar, which is available at all times.

Le Cartet
106, McGill Street
Telephone: (514) 871-8887

Find Le Cartet Resto Boutique on Facebook.

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