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How to optimise storage space in a walk-in closet

The organisation of our material goods is very important for the look and functionality of closets. Here are some tips that should help you come up with a storage plan for your condo
Walk-in et garde-robe : optimiser le rangement dans votre condo Prével

When purchasing an urban condo, every storage space is precious, so it’s worth it to optimise the space as much as possible. You can do the arrangement yourself or hire a specialist to help you out. But before you proceed, make sure to tidy up and organise your stuff. Let’s be honest: whether you’re a chronic collector or out of sheer laziness, many of us have accumulated more than a few unnecessary items over the years. Ask yourself the following questions: what do I really want to keep? Is this item of clothing still useful to me, will I still wear it?

Once you have finished sorting and identifying clothes you want to get rid of, contact or visit an organisation that collects used clothing so they can give it to another person rather than have it end up in a landfill. After a quick search, I found a Salvation Army depot near Griffintown, Lowney and Bassins du Havre: on the corner of Guy street and Saint-Antoine. Near the future 21e arrondissement, just east of the Old Port, there is a place called lAccueil Bonneau that also accepts donations of goods.

The second step is to conduct a good analysis of what you need to store: evaluate the proportion of long versus short clothing items, which ones need to be hung up and which ones can be folded and piled up, the number of pairs of shoes and boots as well as any other assorted items you need to keep.

Next, it’s best to review all of the best practices for storage and closet organisation. Some home improvement centre websites can be useful but I prefer using Pinterest, where you’ll find images of wardrobes, closets, and walk-in closets. On, you’ll find a database specifically dedicated to interior design. For convenience, you should first make a quick sketch of your ideal arrangement. This will make sure the websites meet all your needs.

To maximise storage in a small closet, I find one of the best solutions is to install a bar 84 inches above the floor, for longer clothes, as well as a shelf above the bar. You can also put a second bar 42 inches above the ground for shorter clothes. That way you can have several options, such as using half the closet for hanging and the other half for putting folded clothing on shelves or in drawers.

Finally, if you want to consult an expert, know that there are several companies that specialize in this area. You can easily find them online or by simply asking people you know for references.

Happy storage!


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