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Guimauve and His Happy House

An Attractive MarshMallow!
10 000 histoires est une initiative de Prével qui vise à souligner la livraison de sa 10 000e unité d’habitation. Sur ce blogue, on raconte plusieurs histoires des différents propriétaires. Cette semaine, l'histoire de Guimauve aux Jardins du Vieux-Rosemont III.

« 10 000 stories is an initiative from Prével to highlight the delivery of our 10 000th home. Each week we’ll be sharing new and interesting stories from different Prével owners. »

No, it’s not the name of a new Marc Levy novel, it’s indeed the names of a cat, Marshmallow, and his newly dubbed ‘happy’ house! In March 2011, Anouk and her son Nicolas moved into their new Prével condo at Jardins du Vieux-Rosemont III in Montreal. It’s there that a small, roughly one year old black cat, well known in the neighborhood, would prowl. 

Long before Anouk arrived, the kitty had already charmed the building with his little nose and flirty, seductive looks. Just enough to be fed and petted by all its residents.

One pleasant morning, Monique, Anouk’s neighbor, brought the cat to the doctor for a vaccination. It’s on her way back that she accidentally bumped into Anouk and Nicolas. Monique proposed they adopt the kitty. I don’t need to describe the look Nicolas shot his mother! Mashmallow’s not the only one who knows how to use puppy eyes.

Today, Marshmallow lives a pleasant and quiet life with his new family. He’s become the gardens official mascot. Everyone knows him! Smart and opportunistic, he maintains his friendships by making daily visits to his former benefactors, who are very pleased he found a home! Everyone is delighted he finally found a home.

Any time Marshmallow was caught in the rain, Monique or Diane would let him in their homes. Now, whenever Anouk goes on vacation, they’re there to take care of him as well.

Anouk and Nicolas adopted Marshmallow, much like they were quickly ‘adopted’ by their neighbors at Jardins du Vieux-Rosemont III. There, you can feel that people actually care.  Relationships between co-owners are profound and everyone lives in harmony. Friendships between neighbors are a part of everyday life in this neighborhood, just one of the reasons why Anouk nicknamed her home ‘the house of happiness’.

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