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Griffintown’s Top Vintage Shops

Surprising vintage deco, for you to discover!
Découvrez trois inspirantes boutiques d'articles de décor, d'ameublement et éclairage vintage, dans le quartier Griffintown, à Montréal.

In 1985, over fifty antique dealers had set up shop in Griffintown. Today, though many have given way to the new wave of trendy restaurants and cafés, the neighborhood remains a favorite spot for young people, collectors and Montreal’s photo and image industry to make surprising vintage deco discoveries.



Push open the door at Deuxièmement and enter another world. A strange world sometimes, but colorful and very lively. The owner, Richard Levesque, knows his inventory, from floor to ceiling, from one corner to the other, like the back of his hand. He also likes telling the stories behind each piece, many of which he unearthed himself years before.


The business has changed rapidly, but not my passion or my way of working,” he says affectionately, eyes sweeping across his amazing store. Amateurs and even the most seasoned collectors will be more than satisfied!

1880, Notre-Dame Street W.
514 933-8560

L’allumeur – Lampiste (Lighting)


Walking into L’allumeur – Lampiste you are immediately dazzled by the hundreds of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Located on Notre-Dame Street West in the heart of Griffintown, this beautiful antique shop specializing in fixtures impresses visitors with its relaxing, almost Zen-like atmosphere.

Accompanied by the sweet sound of Bon Iver, the two partners, Roger Grefford and Christian Joyal, are pleased to unveil their classy retro universe. Whether looking to buy, rent or simply install a lamp, they are there to help you. We loved it!


L’allumeur – Lampiste
1904, Notre-Dame W.



Much more than an antique shop, Arté is the only furniture and object recycling center in Montreal. It is also an important provider of decorations for major film and television productions in the city. A real treasure trove of more than 10 000 ft2, this huge warehouse is the best place to find … everything! Small appliances to old furniture, VHS and vinyl to sports articles, there’s no shortage of choices.

The director, Jean-Marc Moreau, is a real enthusiast.

“From a single object I can imagine an entire set, and I love it!”


His eyes light up when we explore the secret storage space in the basement. We look forward to returning!

290, Murray St.

If you need to give a breath of fresh air to your home, and on a budget, these vintage shops in Griffintown are definitely the places to go!

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