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Final 2016 Update

Happy Holidays

Final blog of the year, and a great opportunity to wish you a holiday season filled with joy! But before we take a well-deserved break, here’s an update on our projects.

21e arrondissement

Our teams finished installing cabinets on the 11th floor, counters on the 10th floor and are finalizing the electric finishes and plumbing on the 9th floor. Upon returning from the holidays we will start installing floors.

Coming soon, the launch of phase 3

Bassins du Havre

Construction is progressing well. The concrete slabs of Phase 2b have been poured and our teams are finishing up the exterior walls.

They’ve also started to pour the underground slabs for Pier 3.

Stay tuned, the official launch of the final Pier of Bassins du Havre will take place in early 2017!

Coming soon, the launch of Pier 4 of Bassins du Havre

Lowney sur Ville

Deliveries of Phase 3 are complete! We wish all the new owners many years of joy in their new condo!

Our teams are working hard to finish up the common areas and the corridors.

Lowney sur Ville, live at the centre of it all, in Griffintown

S sur le Square

All the counters and cabinets have been installed! Our teams are laying flooring on the 11th floor, hallway carpets on the 8th and electrical finishes on the 15th.

Deliveries have started and are going well.

Prével will be back in Shaughnessy Village very soon!

We’d also like to inform you that the after-sales service department, the construction department and the head office will be closed from December 23th to January 6th inclusive. The sales offices will be closed from December 23rd to January 6th, except the S sur le Square sales office which will be closed from December 24th to January 8th inclusive.

During this time, there will be no new posts to the blog or on Facebook.

We’ll see you January 9th!

Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for the New Year!

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