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Deliveries begin soon in Pier 2a at Bassins du Havre

Progress update on construction work and the first units being delivered soon
Prével est heureuse de vous annoncer que les premiers résidents du Quai 2a du projet les Bassins du Havre prendront possession de leur unité dès la mi-octobre 2014.

We are pleased to announce that the first residents of Pier 2a at Bassins du Havre will be taking possession of their units starting in mid-October.

As with our other urban condo projects currently underway, Lowney sur Ville and 21e arrondissement, our teams of specialists in various trades are combing the building from top to bottom. Floor by floor, important milestones are being reached one after the other, from drywall to flooring, to ceramics and air conditioning systems. 

Avancement des travaux au Quai 2a du projet des Bassins du Havre, dans Griffintown, à Montréal. Un projet signé Prével.

Here is where we are at Bassins du Havre, on the eve of the first deliveries:

  • All gypsum has been installed throughout the building;
  • All windows have been installed;
  • The curtain-wall in the entrance lobby is almost finished;
  • About 20 kitchens have been fully installed;
  • The heat pump systems have been installed up to the 4th floor;
  • Installation of ceramic tile has been completed up to the 4th floor;
  • Floors have been installed as high as the 2nd floor; 
  • Masonry is almost finished, all that is left is some finishing touches and metallic sidings;
  • Paving on the roof as well as the communal terrace has begun;
  • Railing installation on the balconies will begin next week.

Note that several units in Pier 2a are still for sale. Interesting options are still available, with units from 630 up to 1 800 square feet. All are available for quick delivery and start at $215 000 before tax.

État d'avancement des travaux au Quai 2a du projet de condos Les Bassins du Havre. Un projet signé Prével, dans Griffintown, à Montréal.

For more information or to visit our model units come visit us at the Bassins du Havre sales office, located at 180 rue du Séminaire in Griffintown.

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