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Crossfit Training


Tired of your old routine at the gym? You want to increase your stamina, resistance, power, force, speed, balance and coordination? You just bought a unit in the Lowney Sur Ville 1 and are looking for a place to work out, before the opening of the gym in the 3rd Phase? I have found the solution: Crossfit. And guess what, l’Usine Crossfit (literally the Crossfit factory) is located on the same block as the Lowney Sur Ville. Crossfit is my new hobby. But when I start talking about it, everybody goes “what is that?” It’s a training method created more than 20 years ago in the United States by Greg Glassman. It combines many disciplines: gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting and power lifting. The goal behind Crossfit is to prepare the body to better address situations of everyday life, like lifting heavy grocery bags up the stairs, or situations related to our work, like carrying somebody with an injury or lifting heavy objects, etc. Generally speaking, Crossfit sessions are brief (about 30 minutes, without the warm up), but intense, and they are always supervised by a trainer. I also really appreciate that a Crossfit gym has no mirror: egos are left at the door! Crossfit training is based on the natural movements of the body most likely to be useful in everyday life situations, like pushing, lifting, climbing, etc. Every training session is different, so you don’t have to worry about following a boring routine.  Basically, it all boils down to completing a set of exercises as fast as you can. The good news is that Crossfit is in everybody’s reach, no matter what shape you’re in. The trainer will modify the weights and the numbers of repetitions as you improve your performances. Crossfit is so popular in the United States that they have created the Crossfit Games, which are the equivalent of the Olympic Games for this sport. Since 2007, participants from around the world have played in these Games. If you are interested by this discipline, I also found another address where you can train, located at 5 minutes (by car) from the Loft Imperial. It’s called Crossfit Montreal (location: 4850 Saint-Ambroise, Suite 100) I wish you all a great training! Catherine

Note: The picture shows an athlete of L’Usine Crossfit Montreal.

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