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Celebrating the neighborhood!

10 000 stories to share!
On September 17th, Prevel held a party to launch its new blog section '10 000 stories' and celebrate the sale of our 10 000th home.

On Thursday September 17th, summer decided to spoil us a bit more before leaving (for far too long), just in time to launch the blog section for Prével’s ’10 000 stories’ and celebrate the sale of our 10 000th home. In a small hidden corner on Ann Street, in the heart of vibrant Griffintown, hundreds of suppliers, partners and, of course, clients, found themselves between cocktails and foodtrucks like Grumman 78 & Pied de cochon.

A vibrant neighborhood atmosphere came to hide in Montreal on that Thursday! At a time when we avoid our neighbors like evening mosquitoes, on Thursday the 17th at dusk, the night was young, the atmosphere was spirited and everyone looked great. 

To kick off the evening and share the reason and message behind this celebration, Prével’s Jacques Vincent shared some touching stories of the company’s beginnings.

”Tonight I thank you from the bottom of my heart… 10 000 homes are also 10 000 stories. I can’t tell you each one tonight, but let me mention just one. During one of the company’s first sales, if not the first, the customer fell so in love with the company that he became one of our salespeople.”

After a few similar stories Mr. Vincent added:

”I think from the beginning, what we tried to do, above and beyond the brick and wood, we wanted to work at an emotional level. I believe that the number of referrals and responses from all of you proves that we have definitely managed to reach you. So it is you that I thank, for you are our ambassadors; consider this your appointment for our 20 000th home!” 

It was beautiful to see everyone toasting life, businessmen continuing to work incognito, discussions in dark corners, winks in the photo booth and of course the courageous girls who first hit the dancefloor.

But it was after sunset, two tacos and a few bubbles later, that the evening really got going. Our team amassed a lot of tasty anecdotes throughout the evening. Do you recognize yourself? Who knows, with a little luck, you’ll see your story on this blog!

Poetry aside, today we celebrate Prével’s 10 000 stories. We collected hundreds of (sometimes) untold stories from our valued owners, sometimes funny and sometimes touching. You’ll be able to read a new story every week. 

That said, through these stories you can enjoy an evening frozen in time and taste what it’s like to live the real neighborhood life!

See all the photos of the event on Facebook.

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