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Canal Lounge Café: A Little Bit of Amsterdam on the Lachine Canal

A New Place to Grab a Bite on the Water
Découvrez le café-bar flottant Canal Lounge pour prendre un verre et relaxer sur le Canal Lachine, près du marché Atwater, dans le Sud-Ouest de Montréal.

With its kiosks of fresh produce, fine cheeses, beautiful flowers and plenty of other goods, there’s no need to explain why the Atwater Market is so loved by Montrealers.

To get the most out of this both peaceful and lively South West section of the city, stop at Canal Lounge to decompress on the water with a drink … or two!


From L’Éclusier to the Canal

Lyonnais Gurvan Bartolo and Amsterdamer Jeroen ter Schiphorst, the owners of Montreal’s first floating café, are very enthusiastic travellers. Not only because of their profession – they are flight attendants for Air Transat and KLM – but also because of their thirst for discovering the world and bringing back new and innovative ideas in their suitcases.


Their desire to recreate the riverboat concept you see throughout European cities such as Paris and Amsterdam brought us the Canal Lounge.

After discovering the Éclusier market and a 45 year old riverboat that had previously sailed the waters of the Lachine Canal, the entrepreneurial duo rolled up their sleeves for 2 years and renovated the barge into a floating jewel.

“The Canal Lounge is like a rallying point, a way to enjoy the Lachine Canal’s peaceful atmosphere at a low cost, while still being in the heart of the action. This is what I call accessible beauty!” Gurvan Bartolo, Canal Lounge co-owner.


Enjoy an appetizer (and a few moments to relax) on the water

As the sky clears up, the pretty boat decorated with red geraniums emerges at the foot of the Lachine Canal pedestrian bridge. Upon stepping inside we were engulfed by the soothing light and relaxed atmosphere in a space that accommodates up to 50 people.

Created by Gurvan and Jeroen, the decor combines rustic wooden tables, modern white Eiffel chairs, funky side cushions; not to mention the massive bow that reminds us of their nautical spirit.


For now, the menu offers refreshments ranging from fruit juice, white or red beer, to delicious sangria Verrano Tinto, made according to the original Seville recipe. The two sailors will soon offer a nice Netherlands bistro-inspired cuisine with tapenade sharing platters.


With its bossa nova in the late afternoon and evening lounge rhythms, the Canal Lounge is the perfect place for an aperitif or a nightcap after eating at one of Notre Dame Street’s many delicious restaurants. And you can bring the youngsters! Canal Lounge is happy to accommodate small sailors on board as well.

Friendly advice: arrive early to enjoy the beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the canal.

Canal Lounge: a new European-style café bar with stunning views of the Lachine Canal and Saint-Henri’s industrial panorama.

Tchin tchin!


Canal Lounge

22, Atwater Avenue
South of the Atwater Market
Open until October 10
th (2016)

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