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Café 5ième: An Environmentally Friendly Coworking Café in Griffintown

The neighborhood’s first zero-waste café
Découvrez le nouveau lieu conviviale et 0 déchet où se retrouver pour échanger et déguster de bons cafés dans Griffintown, le café le 5ième !

We have all been waiting for this, an environmentally conscious, friendly coworking café in Griffintown, right? And thanks to Simon and Dorian, graduates of ÉTS, it’s finally here.

5ième Café is the perfect meeting place, perfect for working peacefully or having a discussion with friends.

Simon, on the left, and Dorian, the friendly founders of 5ième café.

“At school, we lacked a community space, a place with some excitement but still ideal for getting some work done. The more we moved forward with the idea, the more we learned about people involved in Griffintown and the lives of local residents. We felt a desire to create a new kind of meeting place, which meshed perfectly with our idea! “

A friendly cafe, dedicated to coworking in Griffintown

An industrial atmosphere made cozy and warm thanks to decorations composed of 100% recycled material: wooden chairs and tables, green plants, bicycles hanging on the wall, etc. The cafe is open from 7am to 11pm!

“Coworking spaces are usually open from 9am to 5pm, but if you have a course that ends late or a busy work day, you can’t get there in time. We wanted to offer a pleasant and accessible place for those who want to work in the evening. In the future, we’ll adjust our schedules according to the traffic we see. For example, during exam period we could open up later.”

Café 5ième, a welcoming atmosphere, thanks to a 100% recycled decor.

For students, the rate is $2 per hour for the first 5 hours. General admission is $2.50 per hour.

If you want to have a coffee and chat with your friends, you can go to the “jasette” corner behind the counter. The place is just off the center of the room so people chatting don’t bother those working. A great opportunity to chat with the two owners!

“We want to talk to people, not just say hello, goodbye and thanks. We want to make the residents understand that it’s a neighborhood café. An enhanced counter experience!”

If you need a place to meet, for a corporate project, to give a lecture, organize a screening, a private viewing, etc, 5ième café may well become your new favorite place!

An environmentally-friendly café with zero waste

The idea of launching a zero-waste café took root in the minds of these two ecology enthusiasts following the Bea Johnson conference on the subject.

No point trying to find a trash can, there isn’t one! Everything has been designed to reduce waste as much as possible, thanks in large part to a composting system, the absence of “to go” cups, disposable towels, etc. Even products and suppliers are selected based on their carbon footprint.

“We want to do things, in every way, from an environmental point of view.”

And on the menu?

At the moment you’ll find (at very affordable prices!) delicious coffees, chai, latte, tea, as well as muffins, cookies, and brownies from Rose Madeleine.

The chai latté at 5ième café served with delicious mousse.

They will soon add lunch and dinner to the menu, such as soups, sandwiches, and salads. Either way, buying food at 5ième is not obligatory! If you’d like you can come and work with your friends and bring your own lunch. A microwave will soon be available as well.

Beautiful projects in perspective!

5ième café may have just opened, but they don’t intend to stay still.

In terms of future plans, Simon told us about a large library and a wall of plants!

In terms of future services, the two founders want to create private work spaces with projectors.

They would also like to offer yoga classes, and massage services.

To sum it all up, enjoy this new Griffintown café, there’s always plenty to do!

Café le 5ième

290, de la Montagne Street #1

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