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A Bolt of Lightning That Brought a Smoke-Free Life

Part of our series ''10 000 stories'' to share!
Dans la série des 10 000 histoires inspirées des 10 000 unités vendues par Prével depuis ses débuts, voici l'histoire de madame Sheppard.

In the 80’s, at a time when the condo culture was in its infancy, Mrs. Sheppard was walking on the corner of Sauvé and Garnier with her husband, of German origin, who had just returned from a long work contract in England. Out of curiosity, the couple walked into the Sault-au-Récollet project. 

As it happens, Mrs. Sheppard’s husband, Laurent Vincent, had recently raved about the romantic architecture and landscapes of German Bavaria.

Like a bolt of lightning! 

Sault-au-Récollet was the only project in the neighborhood (and one of the few in Montreal) which did not have a flat roof, a feature that immediately charmed Vincent. He couldn’t understand why the roofs were flat in Montreal, a city that finds itself buried in snow half the year. In short, he fell in love!

At that time, Mrs. Sheppard worked in a hospital. In those days, smoking was still permitted in hospitals. Mrs. Sheppard herself was a smoker. After purchasing the new property their cost of living increased, just the excuse she needed to finally quit smoking. 

Today, 35 years later, the couple lives a peaceful life on this picturesque street adorned with Ginkgo Biloba trees and friendly neighbors, including one that prepares tea for them using the leaves of trees surrounding their properties. A perfect cocktail to make…a great place to live! 

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