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Bassins du Havre and Lowney Sur Ville: Last Update For 2013

Our condos projects in Griffintown are making great progress
Lowney sur Ville Condos Griffintown Construction

End of the year reviews are very trendy at this time of year. Here’s the latest summary of the progress made at the construction sites of the Bassins du Havre and Lowney sur Ville projects. It might seem surprising, but the work is getting done despite the snow and the intense cold!

Please note that our sales offices will be closed from December 20 to January 3. Our entire team intends to take advantage of the Holiday Season and of the recent generous snowfalls in Montreal to spend good moments with friends and family and to fill up with energy.  

Bassins du Havre

Pier 1

– The first 6 floors were entirely delivered
– We have begun deliveries on the 7th floor. Deliveries on this floor will resume next year
– The indoor parking will open on Friday December 20

Pier 2
– 4th floor concrete slab is being cast this week
-We are also removing the formwork at the entry of the garage

Lowney sur Ville

-7th floor concrete slab was cast last Friday
-Before the end of the week, Phase 2 ground floor and inner courtyard concrete slabs will be cast
-Underground plumbing work has begun

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Prével Team

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