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AlphaPlantes: Your Botanical Destination in Griffintown

Plants, furniture, accessories and tips for a greener home
AlphaPlantes : destination botanique dans Griffintown

AlphaPlant’s reputation is well established. For nearly 50 years, this large boutique in the heart of Griffintown has been a unique destination for fans of green living.

Whether you want to liven up your patio or refresh your condo, AlphaPlants is there to meet all your horticultural needs with their team of passionate botanists and turnkey services.

Tropical plants, perennials, multicolored cacti, accessories, high quality outdoor furniture, a wide variety of pots … you’ll be impressed by the range of products you can find in this large industrial space.

AlphaPlants has been in Old Montreal for 47 years.
The shop designs, sells and rents all kinds of plants.
Cactus or tropical plant? Big or small budget? AlphaPlants is there to meet all your needs.

“We know our products like the back of our hands. We’re passionate! People often come to see us a little discouraged, not knowing what to do with their plants. A year later, we see them smiling, proud of their healthy, growing plants!” explains Magdalena, plant and design consultant at AlphaPlants.

No need to be an expert and have an unlimited budget to add a touch of green to your living space. In addition to having a huge catalog listing an infinite variety of plants and accessories, AlphaPlants also offers a custom design and arrangement service to help you determine which plants best suit your condo.

With customer satisfaction always the primary focus, the shop likes to share their knowledge by offering simple and affordable products. An advisor can even visit your home for free to evaluate your needs and propose an original and unique arrangement that fits your budget.

The shop is distinguished by the personalised advice they offer their clientele.

Spider plant or tropical plant? Cactus or anthurium? Still undecided? Why not try renting plants, a unique service offered by this wonderful shop on Peel, near Old Montreal.

“We offer exclusive products. Whether it’s year-round outdoor terrace furniture or pots with integrated watering systems, we want to make life easier for our customers and offer them a natural environment that reflects their values.” says Magdalena, plant and design consultant at AlphaPlants.

So why not bring some nature into your condo, what are you waiting for?

Alphaplants offers high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories.

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