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7 Original Ideas for Displaying Your Favorite Photos

Decorative solutions to highlight photos in your condo
Découvrez 7 idées originales pour exposer vos photos dans votre condo.

Whether they capture world travels or loved ones, photos are the best reminders of life’s special moments. They’re also the best way to decorate your walls and create a warm and inviting atmosphere

There are a number of stylish and original ways to showcase your favorite shots. Here are 7 inspirations for displaying your photos.

1. The art gallery look

You can spend hours contemplating these images. Source

Arranging photos like this immediately gives your place a one-room art gallery look. Chic effect guaranteed. Simply place them on small rimmed shelves or on wall-mounted rails that you can easily find in home improvement or deco shops such as Ikea. An ideal way to display photos, especially if you have lots of pics and like to change them often.

2. Suspended frames

An original frame to highlight our favorite photos. Source

For a little change from the conventional frames fixed on walls, why not suspend them? You can make your own using hooks and chains, or buy them in decoration shops that sell several types. You can also position the photos at different heights for a more stylish effect.

3. Mismatched frames

A successfully chic effect for this wall of mismatched frames. Source



Another interior decorating trend we often see is a wall of mismatched frames. It’s ideal for decorating a corridor or filling up a large empty wall. Simply select different styles of frames and hang your photos on the wall, making sure to align them either vertically or horizontally. You can also start from a central frame and work your way out by positioning the others around it. The effect is even more chic with black and white photos.

For a mosaic effect, you can also use identical frames and align them perfectly in rows on the wall.

4. A world map for travellers

What’s your next destination? Source

Are you frequent travelers? If so, you’ll definitely like this idea. Place a world map in decal (a sticker like material, easily found) on your condo wall and then link countries you’ve visited to photos you took there. You can connect the country with your photo using strings or sticks (see photo above). These beautiful vacation memories are also easy conversation starters! 

5. A wall of illuminated photos

Photos and lights on the wall create a warm atmosphere. Source

The illuminated photo wall is an ideal concept for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The first step is to hang luminous cords on the wall. Christmas lights, preferably white, are perfect. Then simply hang the photos between the bulbs using small clothes pins. For a retro touch, don’t hesitate to use Polaroids.

6. A wall clock with pictures

Unforgettable moments for every hour of the day. Source

Instead of numbers to mark the hours of the day, use 12 photos of family members with a similar theme or color(s): travel/vacations, birthdays, etc.

7. Hangers for displaying photos

Hangers with clasps are perfect for displaying photos. Source

No frames on hand? Another option is to hang photos on the wall using wooden hangers with clasps. They can also be used to hang posters or art.

Note: Source for heading photo 

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