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6 Outdoor Activities

Fun Ideas for Urban Adventurers
De belles suggestions d'activités pour aventuriers urbains à faire cet été, à Montréal.

Are you looking for outdoor activities to do this summer?

Here are some suggestions located near our condo projects.

1. Play Spiderman! –  Décalade

Their website says « …expand your comfort zone ». Descending, face down, from the heights of the Old Port conveyor tower with the Mission Impossible song in your head is most definitely out of the comfort zone of most Montrealers. Don’t hesitate, it’s a great way to try new things! The activity is supervised by a team of security specialists and motivation experts certified by the Canadian Association of Décalade.

2. Zip-lining in Montréal – MTLzipline

Located right next to the Clock Tower, at Hangar 16 in Old Montréal, you can now enjoy a little zip-lining in the city! We are promised a spectacular view of Montréal during the descent, which last 45 seconds, starting from a height of 80 feet above ground. On the nights of the fireworks, this attraction is open until 11:30pm. Fun detail to encourage participants, good or bad weather: you get 10% off if you show up in a bathing suit on rainy days!

I’m definitely going to try it out this summer! What about you?

3. Activities on the Water – KSF

KSF offers all kinds of water activities, such as kayaking, surfing and my personal favorite, paddle boarding. They have different locations but my favorite one is Jean-Drapeau park.

What is paddle-boarding? Paddling upright on a board, similar to a surfboard, but longer, which provides greater buoyancy. Paddle boarding can be very relaxing, but can become very sporty and competitive once you perfect your paddling technique. It is a fully comprehensive exercise, excellent for stabilizing muscles (perfect for runners especially!).

You can sign up for training or simply stop by KSF to rent equipment and go exploring. They also offer yoga and fitness paddleboarding courses. I personally tried the fitness classes and loved it.

4. Outdoor Cardio –

Cardio Plein Air offers outdoor exercise programs in numerous parks around the city. You can get in shape with Cardio Plein Air at the Faubourg Sainte-Anne park in Griffintown, the Old Port park and the Atwater Market docks.

Stroller-cardio courses are also available for mothers, as well as cardio-toddler classes for parents wanting to exercise with their little one(s).

5. Biking on the Lachine Canal

What better way to enjoy summer in the city than a bike ride along the Lachine Canal? You can stock up on food at the Atwater Market and go enjoy a picnic at the end of the bike path in Lachine’s René-Lévesque Park. The park, which forms a peninsula surrounded by the river, offers wonderful views and a variety of sculptures by Québec artists.

6. Outdoor Bootcamp –

Come and Train offers outdoor bootcamp courses. It’s based around military-inspired workouts that develop cardio, muscular training and mental strength. Training takes place at several parks in the city. The closest parks to our condo projects are in Verdun and on Mount-Royal.

There are courses for all levels and the first session is free!

So…what are you waiting for?

Photo on top of this post comes from Tyrollienne de Montréal

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