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6 Montreal-Made Scented Candles For Your Condo

Beautiful and fragrant locally-made candles
6 bougies faites à Montréal pour parfurmer votre condo

They warm our homes with their golden light, scent our interiors, decorate our cozy nests, and sometimes even add something special to a good bath! Candles are our best tools for creating intimate and relaxing atmospheres. And far from being a simple object left on a counter, many local Montreal candle makers are using these objects to share their inspirations. We discovered six candles that were particularly charming!

High quality products, natural and responsible.


This family business, originally from British Columbia, came to Montreal to make simple and elegant candles that will surely fit into any decor. Offering a limited selection of high quality, natural and responsible products, Carriage 44 offers delicate fragrances such as verbena and lavender. After seven years in business, they’ve made a name for themselves and also sell their products in a few stores around the city, including Au Sommet, Frank & Oak & General 54. You can just as easily have them delivered by ordering through their website.

Dot & Lil offers ”vintage” inspired products for bath, body and home.

Dot & Lil

Created by Anne Dardick, a young designer and self-confessed “bath addict”, this company offers a wide range of products that will enhance your favorite relaxation time. Besides products for your body, Dot & Lil offers many candles with delicate floral scents, beautifully presented in a style that’s both vintage and modern.

Passionate about anything and everything hand-made, Anne makes candles in her Rosemont studio. Her products are preservative-free, good for your health, and designed to burn for a long time. Visit her website!

Froot Loops scented candles!

Blanc Soja (White Soya)

As its name indicates, this Montreal company uses soy wax instead of normal wax to make their candles. The material has the added advantage of offering nearly 40 hours of combustion without any noxious effects. Blanc Soja has a unique personality, mostly thanks to the unique scents they offer: besides creating original and intoxicating combinations like pistachio and magnolia, other products have scents that quickly bring back childhood memories, such as eating Froot Loops!

You can find their products on the Etsy online store.

T. Lees Soap Co. : “Always hand maded”

T. Lees Soap Co.

What began as a hobby for personal use gradually turned into gifts for loved ones or weddings before finally becoming a real brand! Their philosophy? “Always made in small batches, always by hand”. T. Lees offers candles with original fragrances like leather or single malt as well as sweeter fragrances like orange blossom. You can find their products on their website.

Les Citadines honour Montréal in their themes.

Esprit du Sud – Les Citadines

The designer couple behind Esprit du Sud have years of experience between them and offer, among others, a collection of candles called “Les Citadines” that immediately caught our eye! Les Citadines celebrate Montreal’s many neighborhoods by offering fragrances inspired by nature and urban atmospheres, they make you feel like you’re strolling through the park or walking down a boulevard. You’ll have the opportunity to pay tribute to your favorite neighborhoods in the comfort of your own home. They also make an excellent gift for loved ones!

Their online store offers a wide range of home products and candles.

Geneviève hunts down antique porcelain cups set to make her candles.


After starting her own design company, Geneviève decided to honor her grandmother who spent countless hours crafting bed quilts. Her shop, located not far from the river, offers local crafts and products, including a range of undeniably charming candles she makes herself. To make her candles, Geneviève hunts down antique porcelain cups set with 24 carat gold, which she then fills with a wax made in partnership with Cocooning Love that smells like Santal and Bigarade, a variety of orange from Spain. Each candle is unique!

Visit their shop, or check out their website.

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