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5 Reasons to Visit Les Glaceurs

Welcome to Les Glaceurs, the ice cream and cupcake paradise for friends!
Glaces du bilboquet et cupcakes. 5 raisons pour les dents sucrées de s’arrêter dans ce commerce du Vieux-Montréal!

Montrealers are known for having a sweet tooth, which is undoubtedly why our town is full of cafés and pastry shops. Old Montreal is no exception! We tried Les Glaceurs for you, which has an excellent reputation with dessert lovers! Here are five reasons to stop at their shop on Saint-Sulpice.

Your ice cream is served in cute little cones!

1. Bilboquet Ice Cream

Want to cool off on hot summer days … or even during winter? Les Glaceurs offers a selection of ice creams and sorbets from Bilboquet, a local specialty creamery that’s been around for more than 30 years! Red Velvet lovers will also be delighted to know that Les Glaceurs offers this flavor in ice cream form, a decadent exclusive, with pieces of cake inside.

Les Glaceurs offers over 30 cupcakes flavors, all delicious!

2. The cookies are made fresh daily in-house

Do you, like us, have a thing for cupcakes? Les Glaceurs is the perfect place for you! You can choose from over 30 flavors each more tempting than the other. And say goodbye to pastries of questionable freshness. At Les Glaceurs, cakes are prepared daily on site with homemade ingredients. Result: you’ll never find cupcakes so light and fluffy. A feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

Three gluten-free versions are available on demand: Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet.

3. Gluten-free alternatives

There are more and more people with celiac disease these days, and Les Glaceurs had them in mind when they added gluten-free options of their top sellers. Prepared with flour tapioca, white rice and sorghum, you don’t even taste the difference! You can have them in chocolate, vanilla, or of course, Red Velvet.

Unquestionably the best Red Velvet in the city. Tasting is believing!

4. Best Red Velvet in the city

The Red Velvet is THE star of cupcakes. It’s not for nothing that Bilboquet created their own red velvet ice cream flavor for them. Having tasted it, we admit we were stunned. First, we didn’t dared eat too much, it was so beautiful with its golden flakes. Once we dug in, we didn’t regret it for one second. The taste of the cream cheese is subtle and blends perfectly with the Barry cocoa … Admit it, you want to go get one right away!

“People who have tasted our Red Velvet tell us it’s the best in Montreal. Once you taste it, you can’t eat elsewhere!” explains Maude, pastry chef at Les Glaceurs.

The magic ingredient? The passion of pastry chefs at Les Glaceurs!

5. The flavors of the month

Last but not least: the flavors of the month. We were amazed by the summer choices: the classic S’mores, reminiscent of campfires; cookie dough crowned with chocolate chip and Key Lime pie. Les Glaceurs is very creative when it comes to concocting temporary flavors. One thing is certain, we won’t forget them and we want more!

The cookie dough cupcake, a real treat!

We could have given you two or three more reasons to stop by this little unassuming café, including milkshakes and pop cakes. But the icing on the cake that makes us want to adopt this pastry-creamery shop is its generosity: all the cakes that are not sold are given to the Accueil Bonneau and the River’s Edge community kitchen. One way to give back to the community and be socially responsible. We love it!

Stop by and rediscover your inner child!

Also, think of Les Glaceurs for receptions and events of all kinds: they also make customized cakes (and other desserts). No doubt you’ll find something to suit your taste!

Les Glaceurs
453 rue Saint-Sulpice
Old Montreal

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