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5 Reasons to go to the Atwater Cocktail Club

Saint Henri’s newest Speakeasy
5 raisons d'aller au Atwater Cocktail Club

Have you heard of St-Henri’s new speakeasy, the Atwater Cocktail Club? It’s the new – and original – neighborhood bar that’s sure to keep you entertained!

The Atwater Cocktail Club is a subtle blend of cocktail enthusiasts and a typical bar.

The bar was founded by the same guys behind Foiegwa, which would explain why it’s located right next to the restaurant.

We tried it out for you and came up with 5 reasons you should stop by and enjoy a cocktail.

The impressive bar at the Atwater Cocktail Club.

1. Cocktails, real creations

The impressive bar at the Atwater Cocktail Club showcases the barman’s many offerings!

If you are fond of cocktails and spirits, you are definitely in the right place. The menu offers dozens of original choices. Reviewing the menu, one glimpses such flavors as truffle, fig, or lavender.

If you like truffles, you’ll adore the Truffle Maker!

Looking for something new? We recommend you try the Smoke Show and the Truffle Maker. Two cocktails full of surprises!

The smokey cocktail, a specialty from the Atwater Cocktail Club.

2. The atmosphere and decoration

The scene is set from the entrance, where you are welcomed by a skull, and not just any skull, a tyrannosaurus! You pass through two big black curtains and enter an intimate atmosphere that feels like an exclusive cocktail club; rose-fuchsia benches, large plants, wooden floors, mirrors on the ceiling and original elements arranged everywhere, you will have plenty to look at!

Candles and other unusual elements create Atwater Cocktail Club’s unique atmosphere.

3. The (delicious!) food

If the Atwater Cocktail Club is located just behind Foiegwa, it’s so that you can enjoy your cocktails with one of the restaurant’s signature dishes! (Read our article to learn more about our Foiegwa experience). Served from 6:00pm to 2:00am, you will find all the classics, but also some more exotic choices like frog thighs or bone marrow.

Prices are affordable and start at $2.25.

We tried the little vegetables (from the Atwater market) and the homemade liver pâté, delicious!

The bone marrow at Foiegwa is a must have.

4. The originality of the place

It’s different, more atypical and it’s for the best!

Here, don’t look for the street sign, rather venture into a small alley and pass through a big black door.

The speakeasy, or hidden bar, immerses you in an intimate atmosphere where you feel like you’re sharing a secret with the other guests…

The perfect place to impress your girlfriend?

You’re not too far.

5. The friendly staff

Always paying attention to your tastes and desires, the staff is a great help when it comes time to make a choice! They wisely advise you on the best drinks and help quench your thirst! The extra attention is much appreciated and adds a positive touch to this “secret” experience!

Atwater Cocktail Club

512, Atwater Avenue

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