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5 Reasons to Enjoy Brunch at La Bistrote in Griffintown

A perfect brunch in an enchanting setting
Amoureux des brunchs du dimanche, découvrez 5 raisons d’aller à La Bistrote, un p’tit resto qui maîtrise l’art du brunch à la perfection.

As we all know, a Sunday morning with no delicious latte, no golden french toast topped with maple syrup and no smoothie isn’t a true Sunday! This time around, we stopped by La Bistrote to try out their brunch. The verdict: we were floored by this small unpretentious restaurant on Notre Dame Street W. The decor, flavors and warm welcome from the owners have made certain we can’t wait to go back! Well known to workers in Griffintown, the restaurant deserves to be visited (or revisited) on Sunday!

Here are 5 reasons to go without further delay!

Dana Elsliger, owner of La Bistrote

“I decided to open my restaurant in Griffintown because it’s undergoing such an amazing transformation. I live here as well and adore the neighborhood.”

1. An enchanting and vintage decor

Impossible not to be charmed by the decor and atmosphere at La Bistrote! The enveloping luminosity, the wooden tables, the plants, the cacti, the vintage accessories … Everything has been thought out to make you feel at home. Dana Elsliger, the restaurant’s owner, is responsible for creating this enchanting setting, so it wasn’t surprising to learn that decorating is her second passion. The result: a relaxed and warm atmosphere sure to please Sunday lovers. Who knows, this could even give you ideas for decorating your condo!

Everything is in the details in this enchanting and trendy setting.

2. Smoothies overflowing with freshness

For us, a true Sunday brunch includes a smoothie. Those at La Bistrote are simply exquisite! You will have difficulty choosing between the flavors, which are sometimes classic, sometimes original! We highly recommend the banana, date and flax seed smoothie! It’s sweet but well balanced thanks to the earthy flax seed flavor. If you are more conventional, go for the one with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. So refreshing!

Smoothies come in generous portions!

3. A brunch off the beaten track

Forget the classic bacon & eggs at La Bistrote. Also forget about the heavy brunch that leaves you bloated for the rest of the day. They offer sandwiches, yogurt, asparagus tarts and an avocado salad. Dishes full of freshness and flavors to end the weekend in style. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the golden French toast made with ciabatta bread. Each bite is a delight thanks to the bread’s soft texture and fresh fruits on the side

We made a snack out of the Western sandwich and its basil mayo.

4. Sandwiches that are anything but boring

Dana wanted above all to offer simple dishes to her customers. What inspired her menu? Her personal tastes. As Jean, a friend and collaborator of Dana explains, the menu is simple, even banal, but each dish is concocted to perfection and each ingredient carefully chosen. The result: delicious, savory dishes. La Bistrote specializes in sandwiches, salads and soups. Jean told us that some guests come every Monday exclusively for the quiches. A must try!

The french toast, a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

5. Because we feel like we’re at home!

Whether it’s the warm welcome from Dana and Jean, the velvety coffee or the perfect Sunday morning playlist, all the elements combine to make you feel at home. No wonder La Bistrote has built up a loyal clientele over the past few years. No doubt that if you try it, you’ll be back again and again for your Sunday appointment!

La Bistrote, for a friendly brunch with family or friends!
You’ll feel like you’re at home, we promise!

La Bistrote

1510, Notre-Dame Street West

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