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5 Pet Furniture Ideas for Your Condo

No more dog bowls or litter boxes to hide, time for beautiful, practical furniture.
Des idées de meubles adaptés à votre condo pour animaux de compagnie, à la fois pratiques et design.

There’s nothing like a pet to bring joy and life into a home. And if we can unconditionally love our little animals, we might as well get them the most practical furniture and accessories. In a large house, the bed or litter box can be hidden from view in the basement or garage, but that’s not usually the case in smaller spaces, like downtown condos.

These accessories, while necessary, can quickly become big challenges when it comes to decoration and space! We want our little friends to have all the comfort they deserve, but who wants a dog bed that takes up half the living room or a litter box as decoration in the bathroom? Fortunately, there are several great options to give them all the comfort they need without sacrificing too much precious space in your condo!

Extra furniture transformed into a pet house

Like us humans, pets like to have a house or bed for shelter and sleep. With these practical options, when guests stop by you can hide the dog bed that’s taking up half the living room. The concept is simple: take a piece of furniture, remove the doors or panel, and then insert the bed or blankets. Tadaa, problem solved! The top of the cabinet or dresser can continue to be used as a side table while the animal bed is superbly hidden from view.

A living room table can make a chic home for a pet. – Source

The bed that’s part of the decoration

Another option is to opt for a bed or a basket so nice that you’re proud to have it out in the open in front of everyone.

This bed brings a touch of color to your space. – Source
This lovely geometric pet home also serves as a living room table. – Source

You can also make your own basket using several identical pieces of wood fixed together. You can check out this online tutorial to see how you can do this.

A nice DIY for a new home. – Source

The retro suitcase

For vintage lovers and frequent travelers, why not turn a suitcase into a bed for your pet? Just pick up a retro piece of luggage, in a thrift shop or even a garage sale, fix four feet to make it elevated and add a comfortable cushion. In addition to being original, it’s attractive and is a great conversation starter!

Hard to say which is more adorable. – Source

Cat litterbox

This one is definitely an irritant that can’t be avoided if you have a cat at home. As much as a cat is the perfect animal to have in your condo or small home, finding a place for the litterbox is a struggle. It’s big, rarely appealing, and also sometimes releases unpleasant odors. Here are some ways you can tastefully hide it.

Litterbox in a chest or basket

You’ll need a trunk or basket with a lid to ensure you have easy access to clean the litter. It also needs an opening on the side so the cat can easily come and go.

Well hidden, this litter box will go totally unnoticed! – Source

Litterbox in a false potted plant

As for decoration, camouflaging the litter box in a fake potted plant remains the best choice! Simply choose a pot large enough to hold a litter box and make an opening to put it in. The top of the pot, which contains the false plant, must be removable so you can clean it out.

Hard to imagine that there’s actually a litter box in this potted plant. – Source

Food bowls

Why not also turn our pets’ food corner into a cleaner place? Just choose nice bowls that you can place on trays or small mats. No more puddles or crumbs on the floor.

These trays make it easier to limit spills and clean up quickly. – Source

Top photo: Source

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