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5 Headboards for a Truly Original Bedroom

Bet on a unique headboard to give your favorite room a new look

The bedroom is the heart of a home (or condo!) and is the ideal place to let your imagination run free when it comes to decoration. Lacking inspiration for a new look? Why not gamble on a headboard, a key element that can transform a bed and four walls into a cozy and stylish cocoon.

Rustic Chic

Adopt a shabby-chic look with used wooden pallets. Source : Pinterest.

The shabby chic trend, ever heard of it? You can recreate a refined atmosphere by trying a headboard made of wooden pallets, or an old sandblasted door for a little rustic side. Another piece of wood hung above the headboard, possibly with a light and animal head, would really accentuate the soothing atmosphere in your room.

Contemporary Leather

Leather: synonymous with chic and modern. Source : Pinterest.

Leather is the go-to material to give your room a modern and distinguished look. Pictured in cognac brown, the headboard tints the room with a vintage look that fits perfectly with naturally colored accessories. Also available in black and paired with pastel touches, it infuses the room with a bit of romance!

Textured Treasures

Fabrics found while traveling will enhance your room in the blink of an eye. Source : Pinterest.

Don’t know what to do with the finest fabrics you brought back home from your travels around the world? A perfect place to put them is above your bed. Suspended with simple hooks or draped on a beautiful wooden beam, your precious fabrics will give your room a worldly look with their bright colors or ethnic motifs. Relax. Sleep. Travel!

Letters & Images

A library on the wall? Why not! Source : Pinterest.

Get your best books out of your library! They will now have prime placement on wooden or glass shelves. You can use books for different size frames. For the more daring, open up some old books and nail them to a large wooden board (pictured). Wow-effect guaranteed!

With Panache

A mirror arrangement will give depth to your room. Source : Pinterest.  

You can create a beautiful pattern of various sized mirrors with refined finishes (metallic or lacquered). If you want to give even more depth to the room, a headboard made up of a simple mirror with clear lines will give it a frank and sophisticated look.

So, ready to give some oomf to your room?

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