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5 Great Reasons to Eat at Kampai Garden in Shaughnessy Village

Multicultural cuisine and an eclectic-chic atmosphere, this restaurant/bar has big ambitions!
Le nouveau bar/restaurant d’Antonio Park est un palais à la hauteur de toutes nos envies.

Opened nearly a month ago, Chef Antonio Park’s new creation is a master exercise in style that many Montrealers were eager to see open. Located in Shaughnessy Village, this new restaurant/bar is immediately becoming a neighborhood staple in a red-hot district. With stars in our eyes and excited taste buds, they quickly won us over! Here are five reasons that will make you fall in love with this place!

“Candy for your eyes”, Kampai seduced us on our first visit.

1. The new creation from Chef Antonio Park

It’s hard not to have heard of Antonio Park in Montreal! The young chef has already distinguished himself with two very successful restaurants: Park and Lavanderia. Unfortunately, the building housing these two addresses suffered a fire last November and deprived Montrealers of Antonio’s culinary delights, at least temporarily. Never mind! The chef is also a productive entrepreneur and was already preparing to introduce his new baby, Kampai Garden.

Part restaurant, part “chic diner”, part bar, Kampai Garden is a clever blend of different styles.

2. The “Wow” effect!

Several great adjectives could be used to describe Kampai Garden, and its creators have proved their ambition with enormous success! After entering the restaurant and being welcomed by the friendly staff, we move through a room with different atmospheres: restaurant, open kitchen surrounded by a counter, bars, “lounge” area…

Designer Amlyne Phillips is renowned for the diversity of her choices.

A jigsaw puzzle of different atmospheres that fit together marvellously

Each nook has a certain personality yet perfectly matches the rest of the place, and it’s all thanks to the interior designer, Amlyne Phillips. This designer, who specializes in creating bars and restaurants, such as Apt 200, the Fitzroy & La Porte Rouge, is often associated with the so-called “eclectic chic” style, and Kampai Garden is a new addition!

The thought that went into the design charms all those who come to Kampai.

3. Whatever the occasion!

The different areas at Kampai are suitable for all moods, whether you’re there for 5 @ 7, with friends or on a date, there’s always a corner to suit you! Seated in the restaurant or one of the three bars, the spaces have been designed to accommodate all customers, whether it’s a pair of romantic lovers or a big group downing pitchers! For those who like a little activity, several pool tables are located in the more comfortable areas…

Kampai always guarantees a space to suit your needs, whether you’re in a group of two or two dozen.

4. A kitchen with Chef Park and his lieutenants

Antonio Park and his team at Kampai have created a multicultural inspired cuisine, although it clearly leans towards Asia! Everything is homemade, with the goal of offering tasty food that’s also healthy. We were delighted by the small dishes with fresh flavors that brought us to Southeast Asia, Japan, and Central America all at once…

A special shout out to the fried oyster on a salad of fresh rice noodles, a great treat we’ve rarely seen elsewhere!

The DNA is found in his kitchen: open, creative, colorful, succulent!

5. A dedicated team

Nowhere is the staff more selfless and accommodating than in Park’s restaurants. The facility has the capacity to accommodate up to 200 people, and what is almost a small army of staff is ready and available to take care of all your needs. They’re friendly and kind and always provide quick and efficient service, what a pleasure!

The team, as numerous as they are disciplined, takes special care to serve you; you’ll be pampered…


We were amazed by the impressive floral arrangements from floor to ceiling (almost 300 plants!). Whether on a green wall, suspended above our heads or dotting every corner of the room, the plant kingdom has arrived with Kampai…

During these snowy winter days, normally we’d prefer to wait a bit before telling you about the terrace, but behind the large bay windows at Kampai, you can already make it out. Under big trees and superbly designed, they’ll also be serving ice-cream outside once the warm weather returns…

Kampai Garden

1628, Sainte-Catherine West
Shaughnessy Village, Montréal

514 379-6161

Photos Credits : Frédéric Ryan- instagram (@feddomtl)   

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