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5 Decorative Ideas for Your Dream Balcony

Create a unique and inspiring outdoor living space

Summer is the perfect reason to set up your little outdoor cocoon and make a practical place where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air for hours. All you need is a little imagination and a few easy decorative ideas!

Botanical Zen

Superimpose herbs and flowers for a purified Zen look. Source: Pinterest.

Make something both useful and pleasant by hanging up bins or containers of herbs and wild flowers. Don’t forget to space the pots out and orient them according to their type and need for sunlight. We love the romantic side of this mix of daisies and perennials. All you need is an Acapulco reading chair, a small rug and a piece of furniture to store everything, and you’ll almost feel like you’re in your living room. A great place to relax!

An Illuminated Oasis

Lanterns and candles add texture and ambiance to a tight space. Source: Pinterest.

Have fun playing with textures and light sources to create a small, cozy outdoor oasis. Sheepskin and colorful carpets will complement the various sized paper lanterns. You can also hang a sheet or towel to make a roof-like structure. A Middle Eastern trend, it will add an intimate touch to your balcony!

Exotic Zest

Create a tropical look by combining wood, rattan and candy colors. Source: Pinterest.

Feel like escaping to the tropics? Recreate a seaside atmosphere with vintage accents and light materials such as bamboo or rattan. A beautiful suspended swing, oversized plants and colorful accessories will keep in the heat on those grey summer terrace days!

Room With a View

An outside room: daring yet restrained. Source: Pinterest. 

Get the bed out! Relaxing has never been so pleasant as on a bedroom-like balcony. Embellish a mattress with a bunch of cushions and a cozy cover with natural shades. A simple wooden box is perfect for plants and knick-knacks. An ideal spot to observe the fireworks or simply relax on hot nights!


A nice hammock: give your relaxation area a vacation feel. Source: Pinterest.

Who doesn’t dream of taking a nap outside on a sunny Sunday? There’s nothing simpler when you have a nice hammock installed in a corner of your balcony. Match it to contemporary weatherproof furniture and monochrome accessories for a truly modern look. All that’s left is to break out the speakers and martini glasses!

Just a bit of creativity is needed to imagine your dream balcony and take full advantage of your Montreal summer! 

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