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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kids’ Room

It’s time to create a cozy space that’s fun and creative
Laissez-nous vous inspirer pour décorer la chambre de vos enfants. C’est le moment de s’éclater et d’être créatif!

What could be more enjoyable than finding your inner child and decorating your kids’ room? It’s a time to have fun and be creative in a space that’s often much more restricted than your master bedroom. Need some ideas? Allow us to inspire you!


1. A bed frame? Not necessary.

As much for adults as for children, putting the mattress directly on the floor can drastically change the look of a room. We bet your child will soon love ‘camping’ at home. Want an additional challenge? Why not build a small hut-like structure around the bed? No more long struggles getting them into bed! 😉


2. Pattern wall or starry ceiling

Instead of painting a wall permanently or paying for wallpaper, opt for a more easily interchangeable and less expensive option. Cut shapes, such as a pea or triangle, into colored tape to create a pattern on one or more walls, or add fluorescent stars to the ceiling. If your children are big enough to handle scissors, ask them for help! It’s a fun and creative activity for you and your family. ☺


3. Cushions or plush?

Cushions are objects that allow you to be creative all over the house. So, why not go further with our toddlers’ rooms? Choose unique shapes, soft toys, bright colors, there are no limits!


4. A teepee, their little corner of paradise

You’ve surely seen on social media that decorative teepees have been all the rage for almost a year. If you want to be one of those cool parents, assemble a little private teepee for your kid(s). Guaranteed it will please both your eyes and your offspring. 😉


5. Who owns the room?

Another trend that’s never gotten old over the years is decorating your child’s room with their name. Whether you use pre-carved wooden letters, wires or garlands of lights, the possibilities are endless. Your guests will have no trouble knowing who sleeps in that small bed. 😉

It’s your turn, what does your child’s room look like?

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