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1700 La Poste in Griffintown: Making New With the Old

Visit the stunning modern art gallery occupying Griffintown’s old post office!
Visitez l’étonnante galerie d’art contemporain qui occupe l’ancien bureau de poste de Griffintown!

In addition to antique shops, cafes, boutiques and restaurants, the famous Notre-Dame Street in the heart of Griffintown also hosts an art gallery worth visiting! Housed in the former Post Office Station F, in use for nearly a century, the building was transformed in 2013 by architect Luc Laporte into a museum. Each year, Post 1700 hosts three or four artists whose works arouse a reflection on contemporary art.

The 1700 La Poste Gallery occupies an old post office which was completely transformed in 2013 by architect Luc Laporte.

The stone columns, reminiscent of classical architecture, adorn the facade of the building. All the while works from artist Jean-Pierre Morin pique the curiosity of contemporary art lovers. Here, the old and the new are very different but come together for our viewing pleasure!

Wood, white, copper and stone coexist, giving the gallery a classy and uncluttered look.
Sculptures and drawings coexist for an exhibition in different volumes.

Current Exhibit

Jean-Pierre Morin’s exhibition, spread over three floors, shows a series of organic forms and a wide range of contrasting materials. The exhibition shows his interpretation of nature through a sensory journey that multiplies textures. Inside the gallery, the soothing artificial light accentuated by natural light gives justice to the artist’s works. The visual journey is accompanied by relaxing music, transporting visitors in a time bubble!

Several bronze sculptures repeat the same forms, resulting in a coherent theme.
Jean-Pierre Morin plays with the scale of his works, sometimes huge, sometimes thumbnails.

Until June 19th you can discover the abstract world of Jean-Pierre Morin while visiting a historic building in the heart of Griffintown. At the 1700 La Poste gallery, the exhibit contributes to the viewer experience, at the crossroads of two worlds: the historical past of Little Burgundy and the innovation of contemporary art.

We like: the exhibits are free, the gallery was funded by a generous donor.

Stay tuned for future exhibitions!

1700 La Poste

1700, Notre-Dame Street West

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