Work Progress at Bassins du Havre

Updates from the construction site

Updates on contruction site as of March 2015. Bassins du Havre. Griffintown, Montreal.

With the arrival of Spring (in theory!) it’s the perfect time to give you all an update of the work going on at Pier 2a of Bassins du Havre. Deliveries began in early November 2014, and presently there are about 20 condos left to deliver.

Concerning the building’s interior, hallways have been completed up to the 6th floor (carpets, paint, etc…) and the lobby is almost finished. All that’s missing is some pieces of furniture and a few finishing touches. The temporary gym has been up and running since the beginning of 2015.

Work progress at condos project Bassins du Havre, in Griffintown, Montreal.

As for the building’s exterior, metallic siding will be completed in a few weeks. The arrival of warmer temperatures will allow us to advance the exterior finishes. Indeed the rooftop terrace will be ready for the start of summer, as will the water basin.

Construction - Bassins du Havre, Griffintown, Montreal.


There are several units available for quick delivery. For more details, please contact the sales office at 514-989-8889 or by email at [email protected].

Happy spring to all!


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