Griffintown Rock Climbing for Beginners and Experts

Have fun and climb at Allez-Up!

Looking to try new things? Allez-Up, steps from Griffintown, offers courses for both amateur and expert climbers!

At first glance, it may seem like climbing is a sport reserved for true sports junkies. Think again! Rock climbing is an activity that is not only feasible but accessible, which is exactly what the Allez Up climbing centre offers: courses for both newcomers and experienced climbers!


The Highest Place in the City

Upon arrival you’ll be amazed by Allez-Up’s magnificent facilities as well as the strong energy permeating throughout! Walls over 10 meters tall stand before you, climbers are climbing above your heads and a large dose of adrenaline quickly kicks in. The whole place is very impressive and will instantly make you want to climb and experience all they have to offer.

First climb: Intro course

The introductory course is a great way, as a beginner, to learn how to climb and, especially, to stay safe. You’ll receive your accreditation at the end of the 3 hour course, meaning you can go climb any time! During this experience you have the chance to try out the various facilities, including traditional rock climbing as well as boulder rock climbing.

The introductory course will also introduce you to many unused and underestimated muscles in your body! We suggest you go and discover climbing with a friend or loved one, as it’s a very intense sport where communication, mutual aid and complicity are very important.




Why Rock Climbing?

When you’re climbing at Allez-Up you literally feel like you’re surpassing yourself. You get a feeling of pleasure and accomplishment you won’t feel doing other activities!

Located right next to Griffintown on the south side of the Lachine Canal, it’s the perfect place for neighborhood residents to stop by and escape for a while. The instructors are certainly not shy about their passion and love for rock climbing! Who knows, rock climbing may become your new favorite hobby!

Open until midnight all week, so no excuses for not going!

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